Tres OR Clairette de Die by Monge Gramon 75CL

Tres OR Clairette de Die by Monge Gramon 75CL View larger

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Classification France 22041093 Vins mousseux produits à partir de raisins frais avec une appellation d’origine protégée «AOP» (à l’exclusion de l’Asti spumante, du Champagne, du Cava et du Prosecco)
Nomenclature Douane Belgique Bulles
Alcohol Degree 8.0%
Type of Product Champagnes and Sparkling Wines
Volume 75cl
Colour White
Country France
Region Rhône Valley
Appellations Clairette de Die
Label Independant Winegrower
Grape Variety Muscat
Serving Temperature
Pairing Ideas aperitif, desserts
Sparkling Wines Sparkling Wine and Beverage
Type of Champagne rich

White Monge Granon

This Clairette de Die Trés Or is 100% muscat.Issu the oldest vines of the field, this wine escapes between sweetness and freshness, which is quite unexpected but successful! try this clairette as an aperitif but also on foie gras or chocolate desserts. The cellar was created in 1985 by the association of the MONGE family and the GRANON family, two families of winegrowers for four generations.Covering a surface of 37 hectares, Monge Gramon vines are in the heart of the Clairette de Die country. To come back to the trade name, this clairette is a (small) treasure.

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