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Pages Distillery of the Velay Region

Pages Distillery of the Velay Region. The formula of Verveine du Velay was developed in 1886 by Joseph Rumillet-Carter, but Victor Pagès, his cousin and partner, gave him his name. As is done for the recipes of the Fathers Chartreux, the recipe of Verveine du Velay is a secret that is passed from cellar master to cellar master for generations. One thing is certain and known, the botanical mainly used is Verbena grown locally by the Carmelite sisters of the Val, the alcohol base is cognac, honey from Auvergne goes into the composition, then the alcohols age in barrel between 5 and 10 years, the rest is secret! The range includes 3 kinds of verbena du Velay, the yellow is fine and sweet, the green is powerful and fresh and the Extra who spent more time in barrels is ripe and full of roundness. Pagès verbena is consumed in digestive liquor, as a cocktail base. While in Auvergne, take the time to visit the Pagès distillery which is listed in the architectural and gastronomic heritage of the department.