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A liquor or cream is flavored by the maceration or distillation of fruits, flowers, root plants or spices in alcohol.
Creams are less alcoholic (15 ° to 20 °) than liqueurs but sweeter. A liquor contains at least 100 gr of sugar / liter, a cream 250 gr of sugar / liter, cream of Cassis when it climbs to a minimum of 400 gr of sugar / liter.

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A liquor or cream is flavored by the maceration or distillation of fruits, flowers, root plants or spices in alcohol.
Creams are less alcoholic (15 ° to 20 °) than liqueurs but sweeter. A liquor contains at least 100 gr of sugar / liter, a cream 250 gr of sugar / liter, cream of Cassis when it climbs to a minimum of 400 gr of sugar / liter.

The liquors obtained by distillation are:
The liqueurs of seeds (anisette, chocolate ...), bark liquors (triple dry with orange peel), plant liquors (mint, verbena, thyme ...). We offer products from Vedrenne, Giffard, Fisselier, Pagès. Other products are considered liqueurs, Safari, Pasoa, Manzana Verde, St Germain, Cointreau, Grand Marnier, Velvet Falernum, Pama, Kahlua, Limoncello, Jagermeister, Chartreuse, Izarra, Soho ....

There is a confusion between Bailey's creams and liqueur creams. Liqueur creams are made from an alcohol base (rum, whiskey, calavdos or other ...) to which liquid cream is added.



  • Giffard Liqueurs

    Buy in calais cheap Giffard Liqueurs. The company Giffard manufactures liqueurs, creams and syrups in Avrillé near Angers since 1885. In the heart of the Loire, "the Garden of France" Giffard enjoys the best conditions of supply of the best flowers, plants and fruits to make famous liqueurs such as Mint Pastille, Parfait Amour and Guignolet. The Giffard company is still owned 100% by the descendants of Emile Giffard and the current management team represents the 4th generation at the helm of this beautiful SME. Giffard also distributes Rums Agricole Clement.

  • Izarra Pays Basque...

    Buy in Calais at cheap price Izarra Pays Basque Liqueur Green or Yellow. The years 2010 saw the rebirth of this mythical brand of the Basque Country. This liqueur comes in 3 versions, Izarra Jaune, Izarra Verte and Izarra 54 was created in 1904 in Bayonne. At the bottom of the wave, the production had been relocated to Angers at the Cointreau head office, the owner of the Izarra brand. Vincent Clabé-Navarre executive manager of Cointreeau took over the management of the brand, the head office was again established in Bayonne and many commercial actions were undertaken to rejuvenate the image of the brand by creating new cocktails based on Izarra. It is a success, green Izarra very well replaces the rum for the composition of Basque mojito, green Izarra is an extended delight with Schweppes Limon.

  • Jacques Fisselier...

    Best price in calais on Jacques Fisselier Liqueurs from Brittany. Liqueurs Jacques Fisselier draws in Brittany the ingredients of their success. Brittany is a lot of things at once. Brittany is attached to its roots and the range of Brittany aperitifs and Breton liqueurs, such as cider brandy (A "Calvados Breton") or Lambig illustrate this well. Brittany is also a seafaring people who crisscross the world and bring back in their holds the most beautiful exotic products of the planet, the ranges of arranged rums and liqueurs with exotic scents are the proof. Brittany is also obstinacy and love of work well done. It took stubbornness to Jacques Fisselier in 1968 when he created his first liqueurs in a small workshop. The range Jacques Fisselier is the assurance of true products, authentic with aromas always pure and precise.

  • La Grande Chartreuse...

    The story of the Elixir of the monks of the Chartreuse is worthy of a novel. It was in 1605 that Marshal d'Estrée gave the monks of the Vauvert Charterhouse in Paris the manuscript summarizing all the botanicals used in the elixir. From 1611, the beneficial action of the "Elixir of long life" is known by all, Cardinal Richelieu confirms this reputation by declaring that this Elixir heals and relieves. In 1737, the monks of the Grande Chartreuse near Grenoble set the final recipe for what would become the Vegetal Elixir of the Grande Chartreuse. The revolution of 1789 did not fail to shake up the habits of the Chartreux brothers, but it is the law of separation of Church and State at the beginning of the 20 th century that marks a major turning point in the history of the Great Charterhouse. The brothers are exiled to Spain in Tarragona and continue to make liquor there. The extreme scarcity of bottles from Chartreuse "Tarragona" makes the prices of these bottles, which have become the object of wild speculation, soar. The brothers returned to France in the 20's and settled in Voiron. The Carthusian Fathers are still transmitting the secret manufacturing of these Elixirs known worldwide. Only two brothers know the secret.

  • Malibu Rum and Coco...

    Buy in Calais cheap Malibu Rum and Coco based Liqueur. Malibu is a liqueur made from rum, extracts of Coce, Vanilla and then sugar. In recent years versions with white mint, passion fruit or cinnamon have come to complete the range of this liqueur group, Pernod Ricard. Malibu is still manufactured as originally in Barbados. The Malibu recipe dates back to 1895. Malibu can be eaten alone on ice cubes, but it is the most commonly used cocktail base.

  • Marnier Lapostolle...

    Marnier Lapostolle Distillery. Marnier Lapostolle sells wines and spirits, including the Grand Marnier and its related products, including the Cherry Marnier, but also the Château de Sancerre. The company founded in 1827 by Jacques Marnier Lapostolle in Neauphle-le-Château on the outskirts of Versailles, remains in the hands of the founding family Marnier-Lapostolle after 6 generations. He sells a bottle of Grand Marnier in the world every 3 seconds in more than 150 countries.

  • Noyau de Poissy

    For a long time there were two liqueurs made from the almond contained in the fruit stones at Poissy. The oldest records mentioning this liquor go back to the end of the 17th century. Quickly the recipe will retain only the kernel of the apricot kernel. Two marks competed with each other; the Poissy Stone Seal of St. Louis, and the Poissy Stone Silver Goblet. For a long time, the Duval and Dumont families competed before the Dumont family accepted the Duval family's takeover bid in 1954. Pages Vedrenne has owned the brand since 1999 and strives to keep these brands alive. liquor a little forgotten, even a little outdated but so tasty. Pages Vedrenne also sells liqueurs du Velay and Salers gentians.

  • Pages Distillery of...

    Pages Distillery of the Velay Region. The formula of Verveine du Velay was developed in 1886 by Joseph Rumillet-Carter, but Victor Pagès, his cousin and partner, gave him his name. As is done for the recipes of the Fathers Chartreux, the recipe of Verveine du Velay is a secret that is passed from cellar master to cellar master for generations. One thing is certain and known, the botanical mainly used is Verbena grown locally by the Carmelite sisters of the Val, the alcohol base is cognac, honey from Auvergne goes into the composition, then the alcohols age in barrel between 5 and 10 years, the rest is secret! The range includes 3 kinds of verbena du Velay, the yellow is fine and sweet, the green is powerful and fresh and the Extra who spent more time in barrels is ripe and full of roundness. Pagès verbena is consumed in digestive liquor, as a cocktail base. While in Auvergne, take the time to visit the Pagès distillery which is listed in the architectural and gastronomic heritage of the department.

  • Soho Lychee Flavoured...

    Soho Lychee Flavoured Liqueur. Soho liqueur is a litchi-based liqueur that now comes in two other versions. Still based on lychee liqueur, Soho Caïpi Thaï is adorned with mint and lime aromas while Soho Gloss has aromas of cherry and ginger. This liquor evokes Asia. Soho was launched in 1989 by the Pernod Ricard Group. Soho is consumed as a cocktail base whose variety has limits only in the imagination of bartenders around the world.

  • Vedrenne Liqueurs

    Vedrenne Liqueurs. The Védrenne group in Nuits Saint Georges offers since 1923 a superb range of Creams and Liqueurs, made from the most beautiful ingredients, fruits, flowers, plants and spices. Védrenne is the partner of the greatest bartenders and constantly innovates accompanying the global phenomenon of mixology. By taking over small distilleries in France, Védrenne group has enabled the continuation of activities representative of the French culinary heritage. Velay Pagès verbena, Gentianne Salers, Dolfi Strawberry liqueur, Paris liqueur, Poissy core or Birlou are all local brands that have found refuge in the Védrenne group. Special attention to its Supercassis of incomparable aromatic power.

  • Limoncello and...

    Limoncello and Limoncino Lemon Liqueurs. Limoncello is a lemon liqueur from southern Italy near Naples. To benefit from the name Limoncello, the lemons used for its manufacture must come from this region. If this is not the case, the lemons can come from Sicily, Sardinia, Calabria and the resulting liquor will be a Limoncino or a Limonello, but not a Limoncello ....
    A Limoncello is made by maceration of lemon zest, sugar alcohol and water. The quality and the degree of the alcohol allows a better extraction of the essential oils contained in the zests of lemon. Grappa is often used in high quality Limoncello.

  • Amaretto Italian...

    Amaretto Italian Almond Liqueur. Amaretto is a sweet Italian liqueur based on almond (historically apricot or peach, now extended to all almonds). The bitterness of these kernels of fruit kernels is at the origin of the word "Amaretto". Amaretto is used in pastry to flavor Tiramisu but also as a cocktail base. The Disarrono is the most famous amaretto.

  • Triple Sec Liqueur

    Triple Sec Liqueur based on sweet, bitter oranges and orange peels. Triple Sec is a liqueur made from dried orange peels that have macerated in brandy before being distilled 3 times. You will find the Triple Sec in the recipe of many cocktails and preparations. We owe to Jean Baptiste Combier the invention of Triple Sec in 1834. Very quickly this liqueur was associated with Cognac to give birth Cointreau or Grand Marnier.

  • Curaçao Liqueur

    Curaçao bitter orange peels based liqueur. Curacao is a liqueur made from bitter orange peel. Curacao is therefore considered a Triple Sec. The name comes from the island of Curaçao in the West Indies where it was once made. Curacao is often used as a cocktail base because it is often blue, sometimes red, orange or transparent (depending on the color used). It dyes the cocktail and also serves in multi-level cocktails.

  • Génépi

    The Génépi liqueur is obtained by maceration, extraction or distillation (indifferently or the 3 at the same time) but must imperatively contain at least 50% of Artemisia, the Latin name which designates the génépi plant. The Génépi belongs to the family of the Armoises like Absinthe and grows in the mountains of the French Alps from July to September between 2000 and 3000 meters of altitude.

    Originally the génépi liqueur was already made in the Middle Ages but it is the monks who have refined its manufacturing process. The fashion of winter sports in the 60's has popularized this liquor which is usually drunk at the end of the ski meal although its virtues of gastric stimulant make it an excellent appetizer to open the appetite.

  • Bigallet Liqueur

    Bigallet Liqueur

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