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Beer by Brand and Brewery 

Beer by Brand and Brewery. You are looking for exceptional beers, discover our wide range of beer.
Find the beers that suit you at Calais Vins.
Beer fans will find on our website all the brands and a huge beer panel.
Choose your beer by brand or brewery, you will find the Leffe, the Chimay, the Grimbergen, the Kwak, the Plow Tail but also many others.

Beer by Brand and Brewery. You are looking for exceptional beers, discover our wide range of beer.
Find the beers that suit you at Calais Vins.
Beer fans will find on our website all the brands and a huge beer panel.
Choose your beer by brand or brewery, you will find the Leffe, the Chimay, the Grimbergen, the Kwak, the Plow Tail but also many others.



  • 3 Monts - Brewery of...

    3 Monts - Brewery of Saint Sylvestre. La Trois Monts or 3 Monts is a blond beer from Flanders from the Saint-Sylvestre Brewery in Saint-Sylvestre Cappel a small village in Flanders located between the mountains of Flanders: Mont des Recollets, Mont Cassel and Mont des Cats. 3 Monts Beer is a high fermentation keep blond beer.

  • ACDC - Karlsberg Brauerei

    ACDC - Karlsberg Brauerei

  • Abbatiale de St Amand

    The Abbey beer of Saint Amand is Brewed by the Brasserie des Sources which also brews Old Lille and Bellerose

  • Orval Abbaye - Orval...

    Buy in Calais cheap beers from Orval Abbaye - Orval Brewery. Orval beer is an Abbey beer and a Trappist beer. Its manufacture is under the control of the monks of the abbey. The brewery of Orval started its activity in 1931. The revenues of this beer are used for the maintenance of the buildings and also with charitable works.

  • Abbaye St Paul -...

    Buy in Calais cheap beers from Abbaye St Paul, The special St Paul is a beer from Sterkens Brewery.

  • Achel Abbaye Beers

    Buy in Calais Achel Abbaye Beers. The Achel beer is one of the authentic Belgian Beers Trappist, this real Abbay beer is brewed in Achel in the province of Limburg at the Abbey of Our Lady of St Benedict. This beer is brewed by Brother Thomas who previously officiated in Orval, Westmalle and Westvleteren.

  • Affligem beer

    Cheap Affligem in calais , The Affligem beer is an Abbey beer that refers to the Benedictine abbey of Affligem, the brewery De Smedt in time has acquired the right to exploit the name of the Abbey. Nowadays the brand belongs to the Heineken group.

  • Angelus French Beer

    French Beer ANGELUS.It is the 6 th generation that currently officiates the destinies of the Brewery Lepers in Annoeullin. The Angelus beer whose label reproduces the famous Millet painting is the iconic beer of this brewery.

  • Augustijn Beers

    Calais beer and wine shop selling Augustijn Beers. Augustijn Beer is a beer brewed by the Van Steenberge Brewery near Ghent which also brews Piraat, Bornem, Gulden Draak and St Stefanus..

  • Anosteké

    The Anosteké beers from the Artisanal Brewery "Brasserie du pays Flamand" are the great revelation of recent years in French beers. The name of Anosteké beers is inspired by the Flemish expression “Tot Anoste Keer” which means “see you ”.

    The Brasserie du Pays Flamand story  is above all a beautiful story of friendship between Olivier and Mathieu. One barbecue evening, they shake hands and decide to set up their own brewery. These two childhood friends set off in 2006 in Blaringhem in a premises which previously had housed a brewery and a distillery. Faced with the well-deserved success of their first productions, the premises quickly became too small; A new brewery is built in Merville (near a very high quality water source .... it's still important to make good beers !!).

    Anosteké is a beer whose CO2 emissions related to its manufacture and transport are offset.

    The "Brasserie du pays Flamand" brew as well the range of Wild Leeuw special-finish beer as well as Bracine and Fière.

  • Averbode Beer

    France beer wine shop to buy Averbode Beer. Averbode beer is an Abbey beer brewed by the Huyghe brewery, which is responsible for St Idesbald, Délirium, Mongozo, Guillotine ..

  • Barbar Belgian Beer

    Belgium Honey beer Barbar - Barbar beer glasses . The Barbar Beer is produced by the Lefebvre Brewery, there is a high fermentation blond beer flavored with honey and a Brown beer.

  • Barbe rouge

    These Belgian beers of high fermentation of the Brasserie Verhaeghe evokes the brewery Liégeoise "Barbe d'Or". This brewery belonged to the "Romsée" family, whose coat of arms adorns the "Barbe" beer logo.

  • Bacchus Belgian Beer

    Bacchus Flemmish Old Brown Beer. Bacchus is a Belgian beer from the Van Honsebrouck Brewery in Ingelmunster. This beer pays tribute to the God of wine and vine among the Romans. These beers are aged in oak barrels. Brasserie Van Honsebrouck also produces Kasteel beer, the brigand, St Louis.

  • Bellerose Beer

    Bellerose beer is a beer from the "Brasserie des Sources" in St Amand le Eaux North of France.

  • Belle Vue

    Belle Vue the spontaneous fermentation type Lambic beer

  • Belzebuth

    Beer Belzebuth was created in 1997 by the Jeanne d'Arc Brewery, renamed Brasserie Grain d'Orge in 2002 following its purchase by the Gayant Breweries. Since 2005 the production of this very strong amber 13 ° (15 ° at its creation) is provided by the Gayant production site. Beelzebuth beer is a pure malt beer of high fermentation. With its 13 ° Belzebuth remains one of the strongest beers in the world. The brand has been offering a Red beer and a Pink beer since 2004, giving the Belzebuth brand a touch of modernity.

  • Bière des Ours Belgium...

    Buy cheap beer in France like Bière des Ours Belgium Beers. Bear beer is brewed by the La Binchoise Brewery in Binche, a town in Belgian Hainaut.

  • Bière du Corbeau

    Buy cheap Belgian Strong Ale Beer in calais lile Bière du Corbeau

  • Bière du Sorcier

    Sorcerer's Beer is a green beer flavored mainly with Sureau and Nettles and other vegetables, the recipe is of course secret ...

  • Blanche de Wissant

    Wissant's white beer is a white beer from Olivier Noyon Brasseur

  • Bonnette Beers

    Calais beer and wine shop to get Bonnette Beers. La Bonnette is a beer Brewed by the Brasserie des 7 Bonnettes in Etaing in the Pas de Calais

  • Bon Secours Belgian Beer

    Bon Secours Belgian Pale Ale Beer - Caulier Brewery. Bon Secours beer is a beer from the Caulier Brewery, which also produces The "Paix Dieu" beer brewed during full moon nights. Also find a Brown, Ambrée and a beer brewed with blueberries.

  • Bornem Beers

    Get good prices on Bornem Beers, Beer Bornem is a Belgian Abbey beer brewed by the Van Steenberge brewery

  • Brasserie Bourganel

    Beers of the Bourganel Brewery in Ardèche

  • Bourgeoise de Calais

    Bourgeoise de Calais - Local beer brand from the North of France .

  • Bourgogne des Flandres...

    Bourgogne des Flandres beer aged in oak barrels . The Burgundy of Flanders are Belgian beers brewed in Bruges according to the technique of Lambic infusion. Assembly of lambics and beer aged in oak barrels.

  • Bracine Beer

    Bracine beer is brewed by the Brasserie du Pays Flamand. This brewery also brews Anosteké, Wilde Leeuw and Fière. Olivier and Matthieu, the two partners of this brewery, imagined the name of this range of beer as being the contraction of the words Brassin and Racine. They are proud to be brewers, a profession long associated with our region of Hauts de France and more especially Flanders. The Bracine range is a range of typical beers from Nord-Pas de Calais. Yeast as a building block of a good beer is given pride of place as well as the right balance between hopping and malting. Here is the Bracines range of beer from the Brasserie du Pays Flamand, noble and tasty beers.

  • Brewdog Beers

    Calais beer offers on Brewdog Beers. Brewdog Brewery is located in Scotland in the Aberdeen area. The activity of Brewdog started in 2007 with the desire to create non standardized beers. Martin Dickie and James Watt both creators develop this brewery which is the great success story of the beer world of the last 10 years.

  • Brigand Belgian Beer

    Brigand Belgain Ale Strong Beer available in 33cl & 75cl bottles. La Brigand is a Belgian Beer Blonde from Van Honsebrouck Brewery

  • Brin de Folie

    Brin de Folie Belgian Pale ale style beer - De Sutter Brewery in France

  • Brugse Zot City of...

    Get good prices in Calais on Brugse Zot City of Bruges Beer

  • Brunehaut Organic...

    Organic Belgian Ale Brunehaut - Gluten-Free beer,

  • Brut des Flandres...

    Brut des Flandres Belgian Beer. DEUS beer Brut des Flandres is a Belgian beer from the Boostels Brewery

  • Budweiser Budvar

    Budweiser Budvar beer . Budweiser Budvar is the Czech Pilsner beer par excellence.

  • La Barbaude Brewery

    La Barbaude French Brewery from Nîmes

  • Schoppe Brau Brewery

    Schoppe Brau Brewery Germany

  • Bush Belgium beers

    Bush Belgium beers. The Bush is a Belgian beer brewed at the Brasserie Dubuisson, the same one that brews the famous Cuvée des Trolls. The name Bush is the translation of the family name of Alfred and Amédée Dubuisson who decided during the 1930s to create a high-alcohol beer like the very fashionable English beers. The Bush Beer brand was chosen for its English sound.

  • Caracole Belgian Beer

    Calais beer and wine shop to buy cheap Caracole Belgian Beer.The Caracole beer is brewed in Falmignoul not far from Dinant. The Caracole brewery, founded in 1994 by François Tonglet, also brews the Troublette, Saxo and Nostradamus.

  • Carlsberg

    Carlsberg is a Pils beer from Denmark

  • Charles Quint Belgium...

    Calais Beer offers on Charles Quint Belgian Beers. The Charles Quint beers are brewed by the Haacht Brewery located in Boortmeerbeek

  • Chapeau

    The Troch Brewery Hat beers are lambics with added fruit juice.

  • Chimay

    The Chimay Beer is a Belgian Trappist beer, produced at the Abbey of Notre-Dame de Scourmont since 1862 and which draws its water from the wells of the Abbey. Chimay is one of six Trappist beers in Belgium. The ATP (Authentic Trappist product) logo certifies that the beer produced is made in a Trappist abbey, by monks or at least under the control of monks. Part of the profits made must be dedicated to charities.The Chimay range includes the Chimay Bleue, a 9 ° brown beer, the Chimay Blanche a Triple beer midway between a blonde and an amber at 8 °, the Chimay Rouge a dark beer at 7 °, the Chimay Dorée a a lager at 4.8 °, then since 2015, the Chimay Blue Aged in barrels a dark beer at 10 °. Only Chimay Bleue is available in magnum (1.5 L) jeroboam (3 L)

    Did you know ? The Chimay Bleu is originally a Christmas beer produced to celebrate Christmas 1956. It will remain at the range .... Then Chimay Dorée at 4.8 ° was originally the blond table beer served to the monks before to be added to the range.

  • Colomba

    Cheap beer offers in calais Colomba : Whitbier style beer from Corsica

  • Corne

    The Beer Horns of Pendus at Brasserie d'Elby in the Belgian Ardennes form a trilogy. The glass is horn-shaped on a wooden support.

  • Corsendonk

    Discover our range of Corsendonk Belgian Ale & glassware in this category. The Corsendonk beers are Belgian Abbey beers brewed at the Brasserie du Bocq near Namur which take their name from the Corsendonk Priory. The brand belongs to the Keersmaekers family.

  • Crazy Ipa

    Crazy Indian Pale Ale style beer from the De Sutter Brewery

  • 13 Guns Craft Ales

    Cheap beer deals on 13 Guns Craft Ales

  • Cubanisto

    Cubanisto - Rhum Flavoured Beer Cubanisto Beer is a rum-flavored beer from the Caribbean

  • Cuvée des Jonquilles

    Cuvée des Jonquilles - Bière de Garde from the Baron Brewery. The beer Cuvée des dacquilles is a beer from the Brasserie Baron Gussignies in the Nord department not far from Valenciennes and Bavay but especially not far from the Belgian border.

  • Cuvée des Trolls

    Cuvée des Trolls beer bottles, beer kegs, beer glasses, bar mats, and gift sets. Beer Cuvée des Trolls is a Belgian lager brewed since September 2000 by Dubuisson Brewery, which is also known for its famous Beer Beers. The troll cuvée is also produced and served under pressure in Cuvée des Troll bars in Mons and Louvain la Neuve, two student towns. These two high places of student life have made the reputation of this beer fast. The character on the label is a troll whose green hat is a hops cone. When the must is boiling, dried orange zest is added to obtain these citrus notes.

  • De Koninck Belgium Beers

    France cheap beer shop to buy De Koninck Belgian Beers. De Koninck beers are brewed by the brewery of the same name that also brews the Antwerp Triple. This brand of beer is very popular in Antwerp the second largest city of Belgium.

  • Delirium

    Delirium Beer - Pink Elephant - Belgian Strong Ale; Beer Delirium is the beer with the little Elephants Roses of the HUYGHE Brewery, Delirium tremens, Delirium Nocturnum or Delirium Red as many choices in the Delirium range.

  • Demon

    Demon beer is a strong beer from the Gayant Brewery

  • Desperados

    The Desperado is a beer flavored with Tequila

  • Deugniet Bière Belge

    The Deugniet is a beer brewed by the Boc Brewery

  • Diekirch brewery

    Diekirch Brewery beer - Diekirch Perfect Draft Beer Keg & Diekirch Beer Glass

  • Dixie Brewing Company

    Dixie Brewing Company Dixie Brewery beers in New Orleans, USA

  • D-day

    The D-Day beer is produced by Christophe Noyon's Brasserie des 2 caps. This beer pays tribute to the soldiers who came to liberate France by landing in Normandy in June 1944.

  • Duvel Belgian Beer

    Duvel Beer is a famous Belgian Strong Pale Ale style beer. The DUVEL Beer Belgian Blonde of high fermentation. The Moortgat brewery also brews Vedett and Maredsous.

  • Ename Beers

    Buy cheap beer in calais Ename Beers. Ename Beer is a Belgian Beer from Belgium-based Roman Brewery in Oudenaarde

  • Erdinger

    Erdinger beer Erdinger Weissbier German White Ale

  • Estrella Damm

    Estrella Damm Pilsner - Spanish Beer

  • Etoile du Nord

    Buy cheap beer in Calais like Etoile du Nord beer by the Thiriez Brewery from the North of France .

  • Floreffe Belgian Beer

    Floreffe Belgian Beer, Floreffe beers are Belgian beers from the tasting Abbey of the Lefebvre brewery.

  • Fontaine de Jouvence

    Olivier Labruyère is the father of this beautiful Northern lager

  • Franziskaner

    Franziskaner Weissbier - Available in beer bottles and in 6L beer kegs

  • Fuller's

    Fuller's Brewery has beer brands, pubs and hotels in Britain. It is likely that during one of your stays in England you will either: sleep in a Group Hotel, enjoy one of their Pub or simply drink one of their beer like the London Pride.

  • Goliath Belgian Beer

    Cheap beer offers in calais Massive Belgian beer selection at Calais Vins & Franglais Vins . The Belgian beer Goliath is a beer from the group of Brasseries des Légendes which also produces La Quintine beer. Buy Goliath beer and many others .

  • Wambrechies

    The Gordon Finest Beers brand beer is owned by St. Martin's. The look and the name evoke a Scottish origin whereas it is not so. They are brewed in Belgium but it is a Scottish John Martin who arrived in Belgium in 1909. It will be a century before these beers are officially launched in France. Previously it was possible to find them via import circuits.

  • Gordon Finest Scotch Beer

    Cheap beer deals in calais on Gordon Finest Scotch Beer

  • Carolus Belgian Beer

    Gouden Carolus beer bottles and beer glasses. Gouden Carolus beers are brewed by teams working with Charles Leclef from the Het Anker brewery. Charles Leclef represents the 5th generation at the head of the brewery. Since its arrival in 1990, the brewery has been modernized and a Hotel and a restaurant have been created. The brewery also offers a Single Malt.

  • Gouyasse Beer

    Cheap beer deals in calais on Gouyasse Beer. La Gouyasse beer is brewed by the Brasseries des Légendes group at the Goliath site in Ath, Belgium

  • Grimbergen

    Grimbergen Beer from the Alken-Maes Brewery in Belgium

  • Guinness

    Historically the entry of the Guinness Brewery was located in Dublin on St. James Street. The Guinness group brews the famous Guiness beer and all its variants but also Kilkenny.

  • Gulden draak

    Gulden Draak beer and Gulden Draak beer glasses. The Gulden Draak beers of the Van Steenberge brewery are brown or amber beers that evoke the golden dragon that sits on the flank of the belfry of the city of Ghent where the brewery is located.

  • Grain d'Orge Bière

    Barley grain beers are beers brewed only with Malt and Hops from Flanders. Since 2002 Grain d'Orge beer has been owned by Gayant Breweries.

  • Grisette Bière

    The Grisette Beer is brewed by the Brasserie St Feuillien

  • Hertog Jan Beer

    Beer offers on Hertog Jan beers (Duck Jan in Dutch) are Dutch high fermentation beers. Hertog Jan beer : Hertog Jan Dubbel - Hertog Jan Trippel - Hertog Jan Prestige -

  • Heineken Beer

    Beer special offers in calais on Heineken Beer

  • Hellemus

    Hellemus Beer North beer brewed by the Moulin d'Ascq brewery

  • Hoegaarden

    Hoegaarden Whitbear - Original Whitbier style beer - Hoegaarden Bottles, beer kegs, and beer glasses. Hoegaarden beer is a Belgian Belgian beer from the ABInbev group. This range offers flavored beers, Radler and Grand Cru.

  • Hommelbier Belgian Beer

    Largest Belgian beer cellar in Calais. Hommelbier beers are high fermentation beers. These beers are made in Watou near the city of Poperinge by the Brasserie Van Eecke in the heart of West Flanders famous for its fields of Hops.

  • Hopus

    This very hoppy blond beer from the Lefebvre Brewery was brewed on the occasion of Paul Lefebvre's wedding in 2008. This beer has so much more that it has integrated the range of the brewery initially the Cuvée des Mariés it has become the Hopus. The Lefebvre Brewery is part of the BFB (Belgian Family Brewers) association of Belgian family breweries.

  • Innis & Gunn Beers

    Innis & Gunn Beers. Scottish brewery famous for its beer finishes in different kinds of barrels

  • Judas Belgian Beer

    Buy cheap beer in Calais Belgian Strong Ale. Judas is an Alken-Maes beer that also brews Grimbergen.

  • Jupiler

    Jupiler Beer available in 6liter beer kegs  - Phillips Perfect Draft Jupiler 6L - Jupiler Beer Glasses

  • Kapittel

    Beer special offers in calais on Kapittel Beer - Belgian Beer Cellar . Het Kapittel Beers are beers from Van Eecke Brewery in Watou

  • Kasteel Belgium Beer

    Buy in calais Kasteel beer . The Kasteel brand beers are produced by the Van Honsebrouck brewery in Izegem. These are high fermentation beers, find the blonde, amber, triple, hoppy more hoppy but also the range of By Kasteel as the Barista or Cuvée du Château.

  • Kekette

    cheap Beer Calais Kekette beer range - MASSIVE FRENCH BEER CELLAR - 

  • Kronenbourg Beer

    buy cheap beer in calais like Kronenbourg Beer Packs - Kronenbourg Brewery - Kronenbourg 1664

  • Kwak

    Kwak is an amber beer brewed at the brewery Bosteels (Deus and Tripel Karmeliet). This beer is known worldwide thanks to its quality of course but also thanks to its glass shape so special that sits on a wooden support. This glass was the glass of the coachmen who could hang their drink on the carriage and do not spill beer during the trip. It is an amber beer of high fermentation created in 1791 by Pauwel Kwak.

  • La Belle Dalle

    La Belle Dalle is a Beer of the Côte d'Opale made by Olivier Noyon's 2 caps brewery which uses the barley of the year produced on his farm

  • Lion Lager Beer

    Cheap beer deals on Lion Beers brewed in Sri Lanka according to a recipe dating back to 1860.

  • La Bière à Frometon

    Bière à Frometon from the 2 Caps Bewery in the North of France .This beer has been created in concert between Mr Philippe Olivier Maitre Fromager and Christophe Noyon Brasseur. Combine a plate of Cheeses of the North with this beer thought for great Cheeses.

  • La Choulette Beer

    Cheap beer deals in calais on La Choulette French Beer

  • Gulden Draak

    Chouffe is a blond beer from the Belgian Ardennes. Chouffe is a triple-fermented blond beer brewed by the Achouffe brewery. This beer is characterized by aromas of green apple and orange blossom. The brewery also produces a Brown (Chouffe Mc) an IPA (Chouffe Hops) and an Ambrée (N'ice Chouffe). The emblem of this beer is the little elf with the red cap.

  • La Ch'ti

    Ch'ti beer, beer from northern France brewed by Castelain near the city Lens

  • La Divine de Silly

    The Divine is brewed by the brewery of Silly in Belgium

  • La Fromulus

    La Fromulus Belgain Ale from the Steenvorde Brewery

  • La Sournoise

    Calais Beer offers like on La Sournoise Belgian Strong Ale

  • La Givrée

    La Givrée Beer - Refreshing white Belgian beer from the De Sutter Brewery .

  • La Goudale

    La Goudale Beer and Glassware. La Goudale is a guard beer, brewed by Brasserie de Gayant since 1994. This blond high-fermentation beer is made from three varieties of Flanders hops, two varieties of malt (pale malt and malt caramel), three cereals (barley, wheat and rice) and spices (coriander and bitter orange peel). The range expands with the appearance of Goudale de Nöel, the "G" of Goudale, the Goudale Ambrée, the Goudale of Spring and the Goudale IPA.

  • La Tourbière French Beer

    Sikaru La Tourbière French heavily peated beer 

  • Les Quebecoises

    Quebecois Beer Blond Wheat Thiriez Brasserie is the new name of l'Esquelbecoise beer.

  • Lindemans

    Lindemans Brewery - Belgian Ale

  • Lupulus Beer

    Cheap price on Lupulus Beer. Lupulus beers are brewed in the Belgian Ardennes by the brasserie Les 3 Fourquets. As the Brewery says, Lupulus beer is Just Fabulus and we totally adhere to it.
    The name LUPULUS of these beers comes from the Latin name of the Hops of Slovenia used, HUMULUS LUPULUS, which translates as "Humble wolf".

  • De Katsbier

    French Brewery DE KATSBIER . Katsbier beer is a beer from the heart of the mountains of Flanders

  • La Villée Beer

    La Villée Witbier with Eau de Villée. The Villée Bière Blonde of Silly brewery flavored with lemon water village of Biercée distillery

  • Leffe Beers

    Buy in Calais Leffe Beer - Leffe Blonde, Leffe Triple, Leffe Ruby , Leffe Rituel , Leffe Brune Leffe beer is an abbey beer that bears the name of Leffe Abbey located in Belgium near the town of Dinant. The canons of this abbey bought in 1240 a brewery and thus begins the history of the most famous beers of Abbey. At that time, the only drink with the irreproachable health quality was not water but beer, thanks to the brewing and the fermentation. The period of the French Revolution saw the destruction of the Abbey and it is only in 1952 that the production is distributed again. Purchased in 1955 by Stella Artois, which was transferred in 1975 to Saint Guilbert Brewery. Nowadays Leffe beers are made in a hyper-modern brewery in Leuven but the spirit of quality of this beautiful Abbey beer persists despite the gigantism of production.

  • Levrette French Beer

    Buy cheap Levrette Beer in Calais

  • Liefmans

    The brewery Liefmans belongs to the group Duvel Moortgat since 2008, but it is in 1679 that we must go back to find traces of the start of this historic brewery in Belgium. The microflora along the banks of the Scheldt gives Liefmans beers their inimitable taste. In July 2009 the brewery Liefmans innovates by offering a fruit beer that is drunk with ice cubes. The Fruitesse was born and the youngest daughter is Yell'Oh.

  • Lucifer

    Lucifer - Belgian Strong Pale Ale Lucifer Belgian beer from the Het Anker brewery

  • Malheur Beer

    Cheap prices in calais on Malheur Beer. The Malheur Beer is brewed at the Brewery of Landtsheer, this brewery is located in Buggenhout, this city is right in the middle of the triangle formed by Antwerp Ghent and Brussels. The choice of the orange background color of the labels of the Malheur beer comes from the fact that around 1840 the family brewery was renamed "Brouwerij De Zon" (Brasserie The Sun).

  • Maredsous Belgian Beer

    Maredsous beer range. Maredsous beers are Belgian beers from high fermentation Abbey. These beers are brewed by Duvel Moortgat for the Maredsous monks. At the range you will find the Maredsous Blonde, the Maredsous Brune and the Maredsous Triple.

  • Brasserie Martens

    Martens is a Belgian beer type Pils

  • Moinette Belgian Beer

    Cheap beer Moinette Belgian Beer. Moinette Beer is a beer brewed by the Dupont Brewery

  • Montagnarde Bière

    The Montagnard Beer is brewed by the Brewery of the Abbey of Rocs

  • Mort Subite Belgian Beers

    Mort Subite Belgian Beers. The Brewery Mort Subite is based in Kobbeghem in Pajotteland, south west of Brussels. It brews beer with spontaneous fermentation of Lambic type fruit or not under the brand Mort Subite. This brewery belongs to the Heineken group through the breweries Maes The name of this brewery comes from the name of a cafe Brussels "Mort Subite" who brewed this beer.

  • Mongozo Beer

    Mongozo fruit flavoured beers and Mongozo beer glasses. Mongozo can be translated as "good health" or "enjoy the good moment" in Chokwe, a Bantu language spoken in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola and Zambia. It is in this spirit that Mongozo beers are built. amazing flavors to have a good time always refreshing.Mongozo offers amazing flavors: Mango, Banana, Coconut, and Palm Nuts then a beer Bio and Gluten Free comes to mingle at the party.

  • Moulin d'Ascq

    Moulins d'Ascq Craft and Organic Beers

  • Mystic Belgian Beer

    Discover our range of Mystic Beer - Fruit-flavoured Belgian ale. Mystic Beers are beers from Haacht Brewery. These white fruity beers are ideal for an aperitif

  • Namur Belgian Beer

    Cheap beer offers in calais Namur beer - La Blanche de Namur - Belgian whitbier style, White beer from Namur from the Brasserie du Bocq

  • Ninkasi Brewery Lyon...

    Ninkasi Brewery Lyon France

  • Noire de Slack

    The "Black Slack" beer is a Brown beer from Christophe Noyon's Brasserie des 2 Caps in Tardinghen at the heart of the Côte d'Opale between Calais and Boulogne. The Slack is the river that goes up the estuary to Ambleteuse. Slack comes from the word Sea Lack, a lake near the sea when the river extends at high tide and forms a small lake.

  • Nostradamus Belgian Beer

    Cheap beer offers in calais on Nostradamus Beer - Caracole Brewery - Belgian Strong Ale Beer

  • O'Hara's

    O'hara's beers are Irish beers brewed by the Carlow Brewing Company located in Carlow a village south of Dublin on the Waterford Road.

  • Ommegang

    These Belgian beer are brewed at the Haacht Brewery and refer to the Ommegang a Burxello party that celebrates the entry of Charles V into the city in 1549.

  • Page 24 French Beer

    Page 24 beer - French Beer. The creation of the Saint Germain brewery dates back to 2003. How much has been done in such a short time! Beers of the range Page 24 are always awarded in all competitions where they are presented. The range is constantly evolving thanks to collaborations with other breweries (Norway or Wales) but also thanks to a deep research work on methods of aging and finishing beers in drums of various origins.

    The Brasserie is located in Aix Noulette near Arras in Artois. The beers of the Page 24 are made primarily from local ingredients.

  • Paix Dieu

    Paix Dieu Beer & Glassware - Famous Belgian beer brand. PAIX DIEU Beer is a craft beer produced in strict respect of Abbey beer. This Triple Beer from the Caulier family is brewed only during the full moon period. The Lunar Calendar played an important role for the Cistercian monastic community that lived there. During the archival consultation at the Abbey Mr Caulier discovered that it was mentioned that the Cistercians only brewed on full moon nights. This is how the first brews saw the day being brewed as the full moon nights. Mr Caulier ensures that the fermentation is then more active.

    The Paix Dieu glass with his bevelled drinking evokes the evolution of the quarters of the moon

  • Palm Belgium Beers

    Calais beer cellar to buy Palm Belgium Beers. Palm beers are brewed in the brewery of the same name in the town of Steenhuffe. This brand belongs to the same group that also owns the Rodenbach.

  • Pater lieven

    Beer Pater Lieven is a Belgian Beer from Van Den Bossche brewery. Pater Lieven Beer rane and beer glass available at Calais Vins : largest Belgian beer selection in Calais .

  • Petrus Belgium Beer

    Petrus - Belgian Beer - Petrus Bottles - Petrus Beer Glasses . The Petrus beers, produced by Brasserie de Brabandere (Brasserie Bavik), offer traditional Belgian beers and Sours (Sour Beers). These are high fermentation beers, the range of sour beers are aged in large oak barrels.

    The range of Petrus beers include Petrus Blond, 6.6 ° C, Petrus Dubbel Bruin, 6.5 ° C, Petrus Gouden Tripel, 7.5 ° C, Petrus Speciale, 5.5 ° amber beer, Petrus Aged Pale, a 7.3 ° lager, Petrus Aged Red, an amber beer aged in oak barrels with sour cherry aromas 8.5 °, the Petrus Oud Bruin, a beer type old Flemish brunette 5.5 °.

  • Pietra Beer frrom Corsica

    Pietra Beer : Famous amber lager from Corsica, Pietra Amber Beer Corsican low fermentation with chestnut.

  • Pilaarbijter Belgian Beer

    Calais wine beer superstore where to get Pilaarbijter Belgian Beer. The Translation of "Pilaarbijter" means in French "pilar biter" but also means in ordinary language a hypocritical person. Pilaarbijter beers are made by the Bavik brewery located in Bavinkhove in belgium.

  • Piraat

    Piraat Belgian Strong Ale beer

  • Queue de Charrue...

    Queue de Charrue beer, beer glasses and accessories available in this category . Famous Belgian beer brand . Available in 33cl bottles and 75cl bottles .

    Queue de Charrue Tripel, Queue de Charrue Brune, Queue de Charrue Blonde

  • Quintine

    In 1993, Philippe Gérard released Quintine's first Brassin after having restored a farmhouse with his own hands, he set up a brewery that now produces four types of beers, including Blonde and Ambrée. Meanwhile, Mr Gérard retired and the brewery continues its route with Pierre Delcoigne in the group of breweries Legends.

  • Rex Artus Belgian...

    Buy in calais cheap Rex Artus Belgian craft pale ale beer .

  • Rince Cochon Beer

    Buy in calais Rince Cochon French Beer. The Rince Cochon beer is originally a brand of high fermentation blond beer, launched by the Artisans de la Bière then taken over by Mr Provoyeur. Rince Pig is now a red beer, then a whiskey-flavored beer, the latest is a Canadian Craft Beer IPA hop flower Caribou.

  • Rochefort Belgian...

    Rochefort Beer The Rochefort Beer is a Belgian Beer Trappist brewed in the Abbey of Our Lady of St. Remy located near Namur in Rochefort. He has been brewing beer in this abbey since 1595, but the period of the French Revolution saw production stop because the monks had fled the scene. The production resumed in 1900 once the re-installation of a new religious congregation in the walls of the Abbey. The yeast used at Rochefort is a unique strain, the high purity water is extracted from the Tridaine River. Rochefort beers are high fermentation fermented beers in 3 types. La Rochefort 6 with 7.5 ° red capsule, Rochefort 8 with green capsule called "La Spéciale" at 9.2 ° and Rochefort 10 with blue capsule called "la Merveille") 11.3 ° making it the strongest Trappist beer.

    6.8 and 10 are figures that come from a unit of measurement of the degree of alcohol that measures 1/100 of the gravity of the mole before fermentation.

  • Rodenbach

    Rodenbach beers are beers brewed in Roeselare. The beers are assembled and aged for more than 2 years in one of 300 casks and oak casks, some of which are more than 150 years old. The yeast strains date from the creation of the brewery.

  • Gauloise Beer

    Calais cheap Belgian Beer Gauloise. La Gauloise beer is a beer from the Brasserie du Bocq. This beer bears the name "La Gauloise" in reference to the Gallo-Roman sites that are in large numbers in the region of Purnode in Wallonia where the brewery is located.

  • La Divine St Landelin...

    Buy in France cheap La Divine St Landelin Beers. The Saint Landelin Abbey beers are Abbey beers produced by the Brasserie de Gayant brewery. St Landelin created Abbeys and religious communities in Lobbes, Aulne, Wallers in Fagne and Crepin where he died in the 7th century. Legend has it that the Abbey of Crepin is located where St Landelin made spring a spring.

  • Saint Omer Beer

    Special beer offers in calais on Saint Omer Beer - Brewery Saint Omer situated in the North of France .

  • Saison Dupont

    Saison Dupont beer is a beer brewed by the Dupont Brewery in Tourpes, Belgium. It's a Saison-style beer, a beer brewed in winter thirst-quenching and slightly acidic originated in Hainaut.

  • Salitos

    Salitos Beer  Flavored Blonde Beer

  • Satan Belgian Strong Beer

    Beer special offers on Satan Beer - Belgian Strong Ale beer .Satan beer is a strong beer from De Block Brewery.

  • Saxo Belgian Beer

    Saxo Beer & Saxo Beer Glass - Caracole Brewery. Saxo is a Belgian beer from the Brasserie Caracole located 10 km from Dinant in the Belgian Ardennes.

  • Secret des Moines Beer

    Secret des Moines Beer. The secret beer of the monks is an Abbey beer brewed by Gayant Brewers. Infuse 2 weeks during the period of guarding the hops in the beers is the secret of this triple beer.

  • Slaapmutske Belgium Beers

    Calais beer and wine superstore to buy Slaapmutske Belgium Beers. Slaapmutske brand beers are beers brewed by the Proef Brewery located in Lochristi, but it is Dany De Smet brewery engineer and Marleen Vercaigne who are at the origin of this beer.

  • Saint Bernadus Belgian...

    Saint Bernardus beer bottles and beer glasses . Saint Bernardus beer is a Belgian Abbey beer brewed by the Brouwerij St. Bernard Brewery in Watou. The name of St. Bernadus comes from the name of the farm that housed the Trappist congregation of Mont des Cats Abbey during the separation of church and state in the last century. The farm was named: Refuge Notre-Dame-de-Saint-Bernard.Since 1992, beers are brewed at the Abbey (the famous Westvleteren beers) and brewed outside the abbey according to the recipes received from monks, these are the beers of the brand St Bernardus. The beer St.Bernardus Abt 12 is compared to the Westlveteren 12 that is obtained exclusively at the Abbey. If you like St Bernardus Abt 12 then go on the hunt for the Westvleteren 12 which was voted best beer in the world.

  • St Louis Bières Lambic

    St Louis beers are beers brewed by the Van Honsebrouck brewery

  • Struise Belgian Beer

    Buy in calais Belgian beer like Struise Beer. The Struise Brewery in Vleteren occupies the premises of a former school, this brewery is perhaps the most creative Brasserie in Belgium. Voted Best Brasserie du Monde in 2008, it has to its credit more than 100 different creations of beers. Carlo Grootaert the brewer comes from the world of wine and we find the approach of a sommelier in his work. In his early days he used 3 kinds of hops, now he has 35 he uses as a "Nose of perfume" uses his organ scents. One must have tasted one of his creations.

  • Saint Feuillien

    Discover our range of Saint Feuillien beers and beer glasses in this category.

  • Saint Glinglin Beer

    Saint Glinglin Beer, The St Glinglin Beer of the Artois Brewery is a craft brewery in the North of France.

  • Saint Idesbald Belgium...

    Saint Idesbald Belgian Beer. The Belgian beers St Idesbald are Abbey beers whose name refers to the Abbey of the Dunes which was located between the Belgian seaside resorts of Koksijde and St Idesbald. These Abbey beers are brewed by the Huyghe Brewery.

  • Saint Stephanus Beer

    Saint Stephanus Belgin Pale Ale - Van Steenberg Brewery. St Stephanus Beer is brewed by the Van Steenberge Brewery in Ertvelde near Ghent. It is this brewery that brews the beer of Abbey Augustijn. Belgian Beer St Stefanus is offered at various maturation levels (from 3 months to 18 months). St Stephanus is a high fermentation abbey beer.

  • Stella Artois

    The Stella Artois is a Belgian Pils beer

  • Straffe Hendrik Beers

    Calais cheap beer Straffe Hendrik Beers The beer Straffe Hendrik is brewed in Bruges center by the Halve Maan brewery which also brews the Brugse zot.

  • Super des Fagnes...

    Best wine beer store in calais to get Super des Fagnes Belgian Beers. The Super beer of the Fagnes is a beer from the Fagnes brewery located in Mariembourg en Blegique.

  • Tempelier

    Tempelier Belgium Beer 

  • Timmermans Belgian Beers

    Timmermans Brewery has been producing Lambic beers for over 300 years and is the oldest active Lambics factory. A Lambic or Geuze can not be made in a radius of 15 km around Brussels. This is the famous Pajottenland in which the microorganisms of the Senne valley initiate spontaneous fermentation. Timmermans Beer Range : Timmermans Strawberry Beer - Timmermans Raspberry Beer - Timemrmans Oude Geuze Beer - Timmermans Kriek Lambicus Beer 

  • Tongerlo Belgian Beers

    Beer wine warehouse france to get Tongerlo Belgian Beers. Tongerlo Beer is a Beer from Haacht Brewery

  • La Tournée Générale...

    La Tournée Générale Premium Trippel Beer from the Rodenbach Brewery in Belgium

  • Trappe Trappist Beer

    Trappe Beer - Trappe Beer Glasses - Trappe Accessories.  La Trappe is one of the two trappist beer of Holland, it is brewed at the brewery of the Notre-Dame de Koningshoeven abbey. The second is Zundert. La Trappe markets 9 varieties of beer.

    Did you know ? Only 12 beers in the world can carry the ATP Authentic Trappist product label.

  • Triple d'Anvers

    The Antwerp Triple Beer is brewed by De Koninck Brewery

  • Tripel Karmeliet

    Buy in Calais Tripel Karmeliet Belgian Beer.Tripel Karmeliet is a triple fermented Belgian beer made from 3 cereals, oats, wheat and of course barley. This beer was revived in 1996 according to a recipe of monks of the order of Carmel dating from 1679. The name of Karmeliet comes from the name of this religious order. It is from the brewery of the Bosteels Brewery that this popular beer is produced which also produces Kwak and Deus.

  • Moine Belgian Beer

    Cheap beer deals in calais Tripel Moine  - Abbey Tripel beer from the Bocq Brewery Triple Monk beer .

  • Robinsons - Trooper

    Robinsons Brewery - Trooper Beer Brewed in England by Robinsons Brewery under the brand name of the Iron Maiden Rock Heavy Metal band.

  • Troubadour Beers

    Best wine abd beer shop in france to get Troubadour Beers. Troubadour beers are beers brewed by Brasserie Les Mousquetaires in Belgium

  • Troublette Bière

    La Bière la Troublette is a white beer Brewed by the Brewery Caracole that brews the Saxo, the Nostradamus ...

  • Val Dieu

    Val Dieu Beer from the Abbaye du Val Dieu Brewery

  • Vedett Bière

    Vedett beers whose Logo is a Penguin are beers brewed at Duvel Moortgat. This brand of beer was created in 1945 and then disappeared from circulation in the 70's. Vintage's fashion allowed Fréderic Nicolay to revive this beer with some success.

  • Vieux Lille French Beer

    Beer special offers on Vieux Lille Beer from the Brasserie de Sources Brewery from the North of France .

  • Vieux Temps Belgium Beers

    Vieux Temps Belgium Beers. Beer Vieux Temps is a beer that is brewed in Leuven and belongs to the Inbev group.

  • Vivat in Aeternum Beer

    Buy in Calais cheap and goo beers like Vivat in Aeternum French local beer. Beer Vivat in Aeternum is a Flanders beer produced by the Abbaye du Cateau brewery

  • Wambrechies Falwoured...

    Wambrechies - Beer from the North region of France. Beer flavored with Wambrechies Clayssens an alcohol based on cereals and flavored with juniper berries. This alcohol is very widespread in northern Europe and northern France.

  • Waterloo Belgian Beer

    Waterloo belgian beer bottles and Waterloo beer glasses in stock

  • Watou Belgium Beers

    Buy at cheap price in calais Watou Belgium Beers, Watou Beer is a beer from St Bernardus Brewery

  • Westmalle

    Westmalle Beer is one of 12 Trappist beers in the world.

  • Wilde Leeuw Special...

    With Wilde Leeuw Beers you will discover a range of flavors and new taste impressions. Indeed Olivier and Mathieu store the most prestigious beers in barrels that have contained exceptional beverages. The Wilde Leeuw range is made up of beers finished in barrels of white or red Burgundy grands crus, bourbons, whiskeys but also great cognacs. The magic takes place during aging and a perfect symbiosis is created between the beer and the finishing keg. Wilde Leeuw beers are not filtered, they are not pasteurized either and they will evolve in the cellar like good wine. Each brew is unique and the imagination of Mathieu and Olivier is limitless for our greatest happiness.

  • Abbaye des Rocs Brewery

    Abbaye des Rocs Brewery produces and brews the beers Abbey of the Rocks, Montagnarde and the white of the Honnelles

  • Abbaye du Cateau Brewery

    Calais beer shop for Abbaye du Cateau Brewery Brasserie Abbaye du Cateau in the Cambrésis brews beer Vivat

  • Brasserie Abbaye de...

    Brewery Abbey Grimbergen

  • Brasserie Abbaye de Leffe

    Brewery Abbey Leffe

  • Brasserie Abbaye de...

    Brewery Abbey Rochefort

  • Abbaye de Westmalle...

    Brewery Abbey Westmalle

  • Brasserie Arcen

    Arcen Brewery (Arcense Stoombierbrouwerij in Dutch) brews Hertog Jan beer

  • Brasserie d'Achouffe

    Achouffe Brewery

  • Brasserie Au Baron

    The Brasserie au Baron produces, among other things, the Cuvée des Jonquilles beer

  • Bavik Brewery

    Calais Beer shop to buy Bavik Brewery. The Bavik brewery still known as the Brasserie de Brabandere produces Bavik and Pétrus beers

  • Belle-Vue Brewery

    Brasserie Belle Vue is part of the InBev group, located in the city of Leeuw-Saint-Pierre in Flemish Brabant; This brewery specializes in the production of Lambic Beer and Lambic Beer Fruits. Lambic are spontaneous fermentation beers that occur in the vicinity of Brussels.

  • Brewery La Binchoise

    France low prices on beer from Brewery La Binchoise. La Brasserie la Binchoise Brews Beer Bear and beer Binchoise. This brewery is based in Binche city of Hainaut known for its Gilles de Binches. The Gilles are the central characters of the carnival of Binche, the oldest carnival in Belgium.

  • Boon Brewery

    Best beer wine shop in calais to buy beers from Boon Brewery. Boon Brewery is a brewery that produces lambic beers (spontaneous fermentation). The F.Boon Brewery which produces the famous Gueuze is located in the city of Lembeek not far from Brussels in Belgium.

  • Bosteels Brewery

    Buy in calais beers from Bosteels Brewery.The Bosteels Brewery was bought by InBev and brews the famous beers Tripel karmeliet, Deus Brut of Flanders and Kwak.

  • Brasserie Bourganel

    Bourganel Brewery

  • Caracole Brewery

    Beer wine deals in calais on Caracole Brewery. The Caracole Brewery Brews Beer Brands Saxo, Caracole, Nostradamus and Troublette Bio

  • Castelain Brasserie

    The Castelain Brewery in Bénifontaine, near Lens, brews Northern La Ch'ti but also the Bourgeoise from Calais and other fine beers.

  • Caulier Brewery

    cheap beer deals in calais on Caulier Brewery Brasserie Caulier Brews Beers Bon Secours and Paix Dieu

  • Brasserie Celtik

    The Celtik brewery in Brittany brews beers the doggie, Celtik Demi de Mêlée

  • Dubuisson Brewery

    Cheap beer deals on Dubuisson Brewery.The Dubuisson Brewery has given its name to the Bush Beerand also brews the beer Cuvée des Trolls

  • Brasserie des Sources

    Bellerose, Abbatiale, Estaminet Triple, Old Lille P'tit Quinquin, so many brands that are produced by the Brasserie des Sources. This Brewery was born from the aftermath of Claude Berri's film Germinal, it was born in 1998 under the name of Brasserie des Amis, and was named in 2002 Brasserie de St Amand les Eaux. It was taken over in 2005 by Jean Luc Buttez and became the Brasserie des Sources and still occupies the premises of the former abattoirs of St Amand.

  • Brasserie de Hoorn

    The brewery of Hoorn belongs to the same group that brews the beers Palm and Rodenbach. The Brewery of Hoorn is located in Steenhuffel in Belgium and brews beers Cornet and Arthur's Legacy.

  • De Sutter Brewery

    Buy in calais cheap beer from De Sutter Brewery

  • Brasserie de Block

    Block Brewery Brews Satan Gold Beer

  • De Kluis Hoegaarden...

    De Kluis Hoegaarden Brewery. De Kluis is the former name of the Hoegaarden Brewery

  • De Troch Brewery

    France wine beer company to buy beers from De Troch Brewery. Brasserie de Troch brews and assembles the Lambic Fruits that are the beers of the brand Chapeau

  • De Halve Maan Brewery

    De Halve Maan Brewery, Brewery of Halve Maan which produces Brug Beer Brugs zot

  • Brasserie La Choulette

    La Brasserie La Choulette Brasses Beers La Choulette but also beers Without Panties, d'Artagnan, Blanche de Cambrai, Ti you are from min corner ....

  • Brewery Les 3 Fourquets

    cheap beer in calais from Brewery Les 3 Fourquets.Brasserie Les 3 Fourquets is based in the Belgian Ardennes and brews beer Lupulus

  • Du Bocq Brewery

    Calais beer wine shop to buy cheap beers from Du Bocq Brewery. The Brasserie du Bocq brews the beers of the brands Blanche de Namur, Gauloise, Waterloo, Triple Moine St Benoit and the Beer of the web Site Jacquie and Michel.

  • De Koninck Brewery

    Buy in france cheap beer from De Koninck Brewery. Antwerp-based Brasserie de Koninck brews the Antwerp and De Koninck Triple beers

  • Brasserie Duvel Moortgat

    Duvel Moortgat brewery brews Duvel and Vedett beer brands

  • Mont Blanc Brewery

    Mont Blanc Brewery. This brand and the Brewery were recreated in 1999 under the leadership of Sylvain Chiron. White beer from the Mont Blanc brewery has been voted best white beer in the world.

  • MAES Brewery

    France beer wine company for MAES Brewery beers. Maes Brewery is known for its Pils Maes beers but also brews beers Brugs and Judas

  • Brasserie Maredsous

    Maredsous Brewery

  • Les Mousquetaires Brewery

    France Wine Beer company to get beers from  Les Mousquetaires Brewery .The Brasserie Les Mousquetaires brews the beers La Troubadour

  • La Proef Brewery

    Calais Beer wine shop to get beer deals on beers from La Proef Brewery. This brewery specializes in small-scale production of beers, such as Slaapmutske Tripel

  • Brasserie du Pays Flamand
  • Giants Brewery

    Giants Brewery. The brewery Legends was born from the merger of the Breweries Legends and Brasserie Quintine. He bites the Goliath beer, the Saison Voisin, the Gouyasse and of course the Quintine.

  • La Rulles Brewery

    Calais Beer wine warehouse to get beer offers on La Rulles Brewery. Brasserie des Rulles in Habay, Belgium near Luxembourg

  • de Kazematten Brewery

    Beer wine shop in calais to buy beers from de Kazematten Brewery produces Grotten beer

  • Dupont Brewery

    Best Calais wine and beer shop to buy beers from Dupont Brewery. The Dupont brewery based in Leuze-en-Hainauten Belgium brews among others the beers Moinette and Saison Dupont

  • The 2 caps Brewery -...

    Buy in Calais cheap beers from The 2 caps Brewery - Brasserie des Deux Caps . Created by Christophe Noyon, Brasserie des 2 caps is located since 2003 in the village of Tardinghen in the heart of the beautiful site of 2 Caps on the Opal Coast between Calais and Boulogne. The brewery is in the common farm of Belle Dalle, a stone house Boulonnais eighteenth century. Brasserie des 2 caps offers a wide range of beers: La 2 Caps, blond beer, Blanche de Wissant, Slack Black the beautiful "vintage" slab produced with barley harvested on the fields of the farm of La Belle Dalle , the Frometon Beer developed with Philippe Olivier, cheese specialist from the Northern countries, Guénel the beer of the gay Christmas and the D-Day which celebrates the landing of the allies.

  • Quintine Brewery

    The Quintine brewery is now part of the Breweries of Legends group.

  • Het Anker Brewery

    Calais Beer and Wine shop Het Anker Brewery. The Het Anker Brewery produces the Carolus Beer and Lucifer Strong Beer. The Het Anker Brewery is located in Mechelen in Belgium for 5 generations.

  • Huyghe Brewery

    France beer warehouse Huyghe Brewery. The Huyghe brewery produces among others the beers Delirium, Mother Christmas, Guillotine and Mongozo

  • Kabost Hoboken Brewery

    Kabost Hoboken Brewery American Brewery that produces brands like salitos beer

  • Koningshoeven Brewery

    Calais Low price on beers from Koningshoeven Brewer. The Koningshoeven Brewery brews one of the two Trappist beers from Holland La Trappe.

  • Haacht Brewery

    Calais Beer offers on Haacht Brewery. The Haacht Brewery is not only the beer brewery Primus, Haacht also brews the Charles V, Tongerlo but also the Mystic among others.

  • Lefebvre Brewery

    Buy cheap beer in calais from Lefebvre Brewery The Lefebvre brewery brews the beers Hopus, Barbar and Floreffe

  • Les Brasseurs de...

    Best wine beer warehouse in france to buy beers from Les Brasseurs de Gayant Brewery. The group Gayant brewers settled in a new brewery near St Omer, the list of beers brewed by Brewers Gayant is very long. Demon Beer, Desert Beer, Monks Secret Beer, Goudale, Beelzebub, Barley Grain, Divine, Mythical, Saint Landelin, but also beers like Kekette, Spanking, the Raoul

  • Brasserie Lepers

    Lepers Brewery is known for its L'Angelus beer and Lepers beer

  • Brasserie Pietra

    The Brasserie Pietra is a Corsican brewery that brews brand beer Pietra and Colomba

  • Brasserie Rodenbach

    Rodenbach Brewery in Belgium

  • Brewery Roman

    Calas beer wine company selling beers from Brewery Roman. Roman Brewery based in Oudenaarde brews Ename beer

  • Shepherd Neame Brewery

    Buy in calais beers from Shepherd Neame Brewery

  • Brasserie Saint Bernardus

    Saint Bernardus Brewery Brews St Bernardus Abbey Beers and Watou Beers

  • Brasserie Saint...

    Saint Germain Page 24 Brewery

  • Brasserie de Silly

    The Brasserie de Silly brews the Divine

  • Brasserie St Feuillien

    Brasserie St Feuillien brews St Feuillien beers as well as Grisette and Saison St Feuillien beers.

  • Saint Martin Brewery

    Beer wine shop in calais where to get low prices on beers like Saint Martin Brewery. Brasserie St Martin brews an abbey beer that bears his name.

  • Saint Sylvestre Brewery

    Cheap beers in calais from Saint Sylvestre Brewery. The Brewery of Saint Sylvestre brews the beers Trois Monts and Gavroche. This brewery is located in the heart of the mountains of Flanders. The beer 3 mounts evokes the three mountains of French Flanders that are Mont Cassel, Mont des Recolets and Mont des Cats.

  • Thiriez Brewery

    Thiriez Brewery is an Artisanale Brewery based in the village of Esquelbecq in the earth of the French flanders.

  • Brasserie Timmermans

    Timmermans brewery brews beers Timmermans and Burgundy Flanders

  • Brasserie Van den Bossche
  • Van Honsenbrouck Brewery

    Calais Beer and wine shop to bet beer offers on Van Honsenbrouck Brewery. The Brasserie van Honsebrouck brews the beers Kasteel, Kasteel Cuvée du Chateau and Kasteel Barista but also the Brigand, and St Louis Kriek.

  • Van Steenberge Brewery

    Calais Beer special offers on beers from Van Steenberge Brewery. The Van Steenberge Brewery in Evergem, Belgium brews the Gulden Draak, Brugel, Piraat, Augustijn and Bornem beers.

  • Verhaeghe Brewery

    Beer special offers on beers from Verhaeghe Brewery

  • Van Eecke Brewery

    Calais beer wine shop to get cheap beer deals on Van Eecke Brewery. The Van Eecke Brewery in Watou brews the beers of the brands Kapittel Watou and Hommel Bier

  • GUEULE d'ANGE Bière
  • HINANO bière de TAHITI

    HINANO beer from TAHITI

  • La Géante
  • Old Tom

    OLD TOM Beer from Robinsons Brewery

  • Brasserie Robinsons

    Robinsons Brewery

  • La Houppe

    La Houppe beer from the brewery Echasse brewery Namur

  • VIC Brewery

    Vic Brewery

  • La DK Bière craft beer...

    La DK Bière craft beer from french flanders

  • De Ranke Brewery

    De Ranke Brewery

  • La Fée TORCHETTE...

    La Fée TORCHETTE French Craft Beer

  • Brasserie Artésienne...

    The Artésienne Brewery is a Craft Brewery or Artisan Brewery created in the town of Auchy Mines in the North of France in 2007. The Brewery produces  La Weed (Hemp Beer) St Glinglin, Bon Samaritan (Gluten Free) and the Fée Torchette. All these beers are high-fermentation beer with a long storage period, as the Northern brewing tradition requires. Since 2014 the Brewery Artésienne is installed in Haisnes in a new production unit.

  • Brasserie du Pavé PVL

    Brasserie du Pavé Brasserie Artisanale du Nord Brasserie de la PVL. The brewery has been named in connection with the Paris Roubaix cycling race which passes not far from the brewery and which is known for its cobblestones.

  • PVL Craft Beer

    PVL Craft Beer from the North of France Brewed by the Brasserie du Pavé in Ennevelin the name of the Brasserie evokes the cobblestones of the Corsican bicyclist Paris Roubaix which passes not far from the Brewery

  • 3F Belgian Craft Brewery

    3F Belgian Craft Brewery is located in Framery near Mons in Belgium. Pierre, Rémy and Jonathan 3 friends, have created this micro brewery of 30 000 hl. The recent building of the facilities allow brewering processes very environmentally friendly. They select their Hops in Slovenia, Germany, Czech Republic and the USA. This brewery offers Dominicans Beer Specialty and Forge whose name evokes the forges of Clabecq in Belgium that belonged to the grandparents of Pierre Dessy, one of the founders of the 3F brewery.

  • Dominicans Belgian...

    The 3F Brewery in Fremary near Mons in Belgium brews these Belgian specialty beers. Dominican beers are available in Dubbel, Tripel Quadrupel and Cask Beer. It should be noted that these beers are all blond beers that use only ingredients of very high quality. These denominations refer to indications as to the malt concentration and alcohol content . In any case this range of Dominican beer demonstrates the full range of sensation and aroma that can be obtained with malt water yeast and hops. Fascinating .... !!!

  • Tamden Brewery

    The Tandem Brewery is the story of 2 passionate beer friends who after 4 years of amateur brewing in their kitchen, garage and bathroom decide to tackle everything to embark on the adventure by launching the Tandem Brewery! The choice of the name Tandem is explained by the fact that the 2 creators of the brewery are also passionate about cycling, they drive towards the same goal: Produce very good craft beers and eco-responsible. This brewery is located in Wambrechies around Lille in the region of Hauts de France who has more to prove his expertise brewing.

  • Emelisse Brewery

    The Emelisse brewery is a Dutch brewery that started production in 2004. This Kamperland-based brewery offers exceptionally high quality Craft Beer to the rank of one of the top 100 breweries in the world. Founder Kees Bubberman never tired of offering us new recipes in limited series that follow the seasons.

  • Malecot Brewery

    The Malecot Brewery has employed ten disabled workers since 2015 with the help of a Foundation for Disabled People in the city of Armentières North of France.Léonce d'Armentières is available in 6 versions: white, blonde, triple, amber, brown and IPA. This brewery has the capacity of 330 hectoliters per year. They are traditional beers but also beers of meaning.

  • Léonce d'Armentières Beer

    Léonce d'Armentières Beer, beer produced by desabled people in Malecot Brewery

  • Quentovic Brewery
  • Omer Vander Ghinste...

    Omer Vander Ghinste Brewery

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