Minervois Esprit d'Automne Dom Borie de Maurel 2013

Minervois Esprit d'Automne Dom Borie de Maurel 2013 View larger


Developed from syrah (40 %), carignan (30 %) and grenache (30 %) handpicked, converted into wine delicately according to ancestral one local method, raised(brought up) without subtleties, Autumn spirit, it is the wine to make everything, a talented meddler(dabbler) And, while sketching an archetype of the ideal red minervois, he(it) puts(rests,poses), with the fact that it is necessary of looseness, spontaneity and user-friendliness(conviviality), the bases of the style Borie de Maurel.
Temperature of department 16 ° C. Can be slightly refreshed the summer (14 ° C.).
Guard(Guarding,Nurse): delicious on the fruit from its exit(release), Autumn spirit can keep(preserve) 5 years.
Agreements: the wine to make everything, so comfortable on grills, traditional dishes (cassoulet, stew(crap)) that on the slightly spiced exotic cooking(kitchen).

Data sheet

Universe Wines
Colour Red
Vintage 2013, 2015, 2014
ABV 13
Volume & Weight 75cl
Country France
Region Languedoc
Appellations Minervois
Grape Variety Carignan, Grenache, Syrah / Shiraz
Wine Type Red

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