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Wine by Brands Domaine and Chateau 

Wine by Brands Domaine and Chateau, 

Far from it is not only great wines that provide a real pleasure to tasting. the world of wine is marked by big names who produce wines of a superb price / pleasure ratio. This list is not exhaustive but here are some names we are proud to offer.

In Burgundy, The winemakers of Buxy, Albert Bichot, Prosper Mau...

Wine by Brands Domaine and Chateau, 

Far from it is not only great wines that provide a real pleasure to tasting. the world of wine is marked by big names who produce wines of a superb price / pleasure ratio. This list is not exhaustive but here are some names we are proud to offer.

In Burgundy, The winemakers of Buxy, Albert Bichot, Prosper Maufoux, Song, Faiveley, Leflaive, Chablisienne, Laroche, Louis Latour, Joseph Drouhin.

In the Loire Valley, Ladoucette, Alphonse Mellot, Jacky Blot, Balland Chapuis, La Perriere, Audebert, Matignon, Pierre and Bertrand Couly,

In Beaujolais, The Golden Lands of Jean Paul Brun, The Domain of Hestrange and Monspey.

In Provence, Pibarnon and Tempier, Yves Leccia, Galoupet, Minuty, Rimauresq, OTT, Madrague, Rouillière, Roüet, Saint Martin ,.

In Corsica, Vico, Yves Leccia

In Bordeaux, Milhade and his castle Recougne, Dourthe, Mälher Besse, Black Horse, Dompierre,

In the Rhône Valley, Chapoutier, Yves Cuilleron, Delas, Ferraton, Guigal, Paul Ainé Jaboulet, Domaine du Père Caboche, the Cave of Tain l'Hermitage, Vessières,

In Alsace, Lorentz, Schlumberger, Heitz, the Croix Marche en Jura, The Jean Perrier Wines in Savoie,

In Languedoc Roussillon, Jeff Carrel, Paul Mas Estate, Haut Gléon, Canet Valette, Les Estanilles, La Voulte Gasparet, Puech Haut, Toques and Clochers, Domaine de l'hortus, Borie de Maurel, Gerard Bertrand, Sarda Malet, Grezan, Les Jamelles, the Contemporaries, Little Bridge, Maylandie, Frères Parcé,

In South West, Montus and Bouscassé of Alain Brumont, The field of Cedar, Pineraie, Lionel Osmin, UBY, Tariquet, the Tower of the Gendres, Berticot, Clément Termes, the vine growers of Buzet, Beaulieu Marmandais,




    AEGERTER JEAN LUC & PAUL wines from Burgundy, Jean-Luc Aegerter and his son Paul, have been traders in Nuits Saint Georges since 1998, an activity that has been added to the exploitation of a small family estate as well as a shop in Beaune. All this gives them the triple cap of w inemaker, trader and trader.They offer a range of classic Burgundy wines of a good quality level. By joining his father in 2001, Paul Aegerter inspired the family business, a wind of modernity found in the Pretty Girls, the Beautiful Kids or Muscat small grains.

  • Albert Bichot

    Albert Bichot is one of the most prestigious houses in Burgundy. It was founded in 1831 and has preserved over the years its family character. Albert Bichot estates are present on the beautiful tables in a hundred countries. Today, it's the 6th generation that runs Maison Bichot

    Each estate of Albert Bichot, present from north to south of Burgundy on more than 100 hectares of vineyards, has a team dedicated to the breeding and vinification of grapes from rigorously selected parcels.

  • Allaume Eric Blanchard...

    Allaume Eric Blanchard Loire Valley Wines

    Installed since 1839 in Bourgueil, in the heart of the Loire Valley, we operate a vineyard of 42 hectares on the appellations Bourgueil, Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil and Chinon. The only varietal of our exploitation the Cabernet Franc (locally called "Breton") is vinified in red on the 3 appellations1812 Pierre 1853 Alphonse 1885 Edouard 1920 George 1942 Jean Claude 1967 Francois and his 2 sons Louis 1996 2000 Félix

  • Alléno & Chapoutier...

    Yannick Alléno the "Chef" & Michel Chapoutier for a fantastic range of Rhone Valley Wines

  • Audebert Loire Valley...

    Louis and Félix Audebert represent the seventh generation at the helm of this noble Loire Valley wine house. the Audebert family offers the three great appellations of the Loire: Bourgueil, Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil and Chinon cover 42 hectares. A quality trading activity allows this house to also offer a beautiful Saumur Champigny. The wines of the Classic collection are very marked by the fruits and a very light marking of wood of 2 or 3 weeks underline the qualities of this formidable variety which is the Cabernet Franc.

  • Aumérade Provence

    The Domaine de l'Aumérade has an unusual history since this estate was discovered in the 16th century by Henri IV who was captivated by the beauty of the place. He then ordered the Duke of Sully to refer the wines of the property to the Royal Court. Over time, the estate has continued to develop to be today, one of the largest producers of wines of the Var. Since the 1930s, the estate has belonged to the Fabre family, which has been the source of bottles from Provence.

    The estate also has the classification of Cru Classé de Provence which only a few areas can claim .... a sign of exceptional terroir and meticulous work .... to discover the Cuvée Marie Christine symbol of the qualities of the Château .

  • Aydie Famille Laplace

    Since 1927, the Laplace family has been delighting the wine lovers of the Pyrenees. The Laplace family has brought the fame of the Madiran and Pacherenc of the Vic Bilh. Guardians of the tradition, this family also knew how to innovate and propose fine wines when the Madiran was known to produce powerful wines but not always very elegant. This family of Independent Winegrowers is also at the origin of an amazing Maydie wine made on the same process as the Vintage Port. A quality trading activity and the use of wines from young vines allows the Laplace Family to offer wines to drink on youth and fruit.

  • Barale Fratelli...

    Barale Fratelli Italian Piemont Wines enjoy at UK duty Free price these great italian wines in calais  3 b Barbaresco Barolo Barbera

  • Balland Chapuis Loire...

    Balland Chapuis Loire Valley Wines, It is from Bué in the heart of the country Sancerrois that the House Balland Chapuis is native. Known for its Sancerre and Pouilly Fumé, this estate has also been one of the major promoters of the development of Coteaux du Giennois in white and red in the early 2000s.
    Balland Chapuis works its vines by favoring the natural grassing and by limiting as much as possible any intervention on the vine. Every year, a big work of stripping, on the Pinots Noirs ensures a sanitary quality and an optimal maturity of the grapes. Balland Chapuis produces high quality Loire wines and its reputation crosses the French borders

  • Belle Domaine

    The estate Belle is a family estate passed down from generation to generation with the concern of the development of terroirs.

    The Belle estate covers six communes 15 km north of Valence and three appellations (Crozes Hermitage, Hermitage, Saint Joseph) for a vineyard area of ​​25 hectares. The main varieties of soils such as limestone argillos, granites, pebbles or stony sand are represented in the great diversity of soils of the Belle estate.

    The talent of the independent winemaker, the systematic search for small yields and these exceptional terroirs explain the world reputation of this domain.

  • Château de Bellet Wine...

    Château de Bellet Wine From the region of Nice, Castle Bellet and its 6 hectares is what we can call an urban vineyard, located on the heights of the city of Nice, overlooking the valley of the Var. This small AOC dates from 1941. The vineyard conducted in biodynamic culture is located 300 meters above sea level which allows it to "blow" at night enjoying a little freshness. It is a wine that every enlightened amateur must have tasted in order to be able to say "I already drank Braquet", the local grape variety.

  • Berticot Wines Duras...

    Berticot Wines  Duras and Côtes de Duras, The Cotes de Duras are one of the first vineyards to obtain the AOC in 1937. The vine growers of Duras have mainly joined the house of Duras wines which owns the Berticot brand.
    Berticot is 120 vine growers who cover 1000 hectares of vines including 55% AOC Cotes de Duras.
    the cellar is at the forefront of wine equipment. Discover with happiness the freshness of sauvignons, the depth of the reds.

  • Black Tower German Wines

    Black Tower German Wines, Created in 1967 with its famous bottle evoking a black tower, this iconic brand of German wines is distributed in more than 35 countries around the world. The Black Tower brand also offers world wines selected and bottled in Germany.

  • Château du Bloy...

    Château du Bloy Bergerac wines, The Château du Bloy offers Bergerac but also Montravel a small adjoining apellation. The style sought by the two friends Bertrand Lepoittevin and Olivier Lambert is finesse and elegance. The RVF closely follows them and they often go out of their way. The vine is conducted in a very reasoned way by these artisans winemakers.

  • Bourdinière Muscadet...

    buy in calais at UK duty Free price a Nice crispy and citrus Bourdinière Muscadet by Lieubeau Family ideal for fish sea food poultry or aperitif and perfect wine for a wedding

  • Bouscassé Château Madiran

    It's been more than 35 years since Mr. Alain Brumont presided over the destinies of two of Madiran's jewels, since he acquired Château Bouscassé in 1979 and Château Montus in 1980. Count the years spent in the service of his father, and it is actually more than 50 years that Mr. Brumont devotes himself to the Tannat and all its expressions on the variety of terroirs of Madiran. In 1979, Bouscassé covered 17 ha, nowadays this wonderful area is expressed on more than 100 ha. Severe yields, just-ripened harvests, Cabernets Sauvignons and Cabernets Francs according to the vintages and varied terroirs give Bouscassé its signature. A powerful and elegant wine of great typicity.

  • Baron Philippe de...

    Great range of bordeaux Wines by Baron Philippe de Rothschild Ideal range for party wine or wedding wines 

  • BRANA Irouleguy wine...

    BRANA Irouleguy wine from Pays Basque amazing south west of France wines located along the ATlantic Coast near Spain

  • Brumont Alain Wine...

    Brumont Alain Wine Grower in Madiran and Pacherenc du Vic Bilh Montus and Bouscassé wines, Alain Brumont is the winemaker who has been able to give back its acclaim to the Madiran appellation. Forerunner, Worker, Visionary, Alain Brumont today represents a name in the appellation. Party with 17 hectares of vines, it has today more than one hundred and on the best soils of Madiran. Alain Brumont is today considered one of the best French winemakers but also international.

  • Canet Valette Domaine

    In 1992, Marc Valette creates his domain. He will make his own wine, free, in his image. The estate is certified organic "ecocert" in 1999.

    He naturally works the vines because for him it's just obvious. First, because he stupidly drinks the wine he produces. Marc Valette also thinks that because it is difficult to love your land, to love your country while destroying them. Because you have to think of your children.

    The Canet-Valette estate is a love story between a man and his exceptional terroir.

  • Cave de Tain l'Hermitage
  • Cellier des Chartreux...

    Buy Cellier des Chartreux Rhone Valley Wines at UK Duty Free price Côtes du Rhône Vins de Pays du Gard amazing range of wines for wedding and party 

  • Cellier de Graman...

    Perfect wine range for wedding and party Cellier de Graman Graves and Bordeaux Wines, In 1967, faced with an unprecedented viticultural crisis, four visionary winemakers decided to pool the means of production, while insisting on the quality of the harvests since at that time the grapes were harvested in boxes of 40 kg. This was the founding act of what is today the Cellar of Graman, the name of the place where the building is located. Quickly 40 producers join this happy initiative. The winery quickly realized that the creation of a brand would be a vector of success. The brands Duc de Graman and Duchesse de Graman were born in 1970. In 2014, Graman cellar growers team up with winemakers from Duras Landerrouat and Cazaugitat.

  • Chanson Père et Fils...

    Buy wine in Calais at UK Duty Free price and get Wine offers on Chanson Père et Fils Burgundy Wine House, Maison Chanson, owned since 1999 by Bollinger, has definitely become one of the big and beautiful wines of Burgundy. Chanson produces red and white wines that are accurate, pure and straight. She is now able to compete with the best. Its development continues. Maison Chanson also comes equipped with a high quality cuverie, which partly explains the sharpness of its wines.

  • Chapoutier Michel

    the place wher to buy at UK Duty Free Price wines from Michel Chapoutier,  an emblematic figure of the Côtes du Rhône and more generally of the French wine world. Michel Chapoutier has evolved this old institution of Tain l'Hermitage and its vineyards of 360 hectares towards a biodynamic culture since the end of the 90s. The Chapoutier house is very active in AOC Hermitage but also exists significantly in Saint Peray, Saint Joseph , Cornas, Côte Rotie, Condrieu and of course Crozes Hermitage.

    the Chapoutier style is that there is not strictly speaking style but rather a deep respect for the specificities of each terroir and each vintage.

    The societal commitment of Maison Chapoutier is also obvious, since this house was the first to incorporate information in Braille on the labels of its bottles.

    After advising the Ferraton house, Michel Chapoutier acquired it in 2004.

  • Château Charreau Alain...

    Wine offers on Château Charreau Alain Girotti Bordeaux wines Red Rosé Dry White Sweet White Wines, At Chateau Charreau, Michel, Serge and Alain Girotti work in their corner, quietly, and come out each year of the little wonders. The vineyard is located in the Langon region, known for its so special September climate. Indeed, wet mornings and sunny afternoons are conducive to the development of Botrytis Cinéréa which allows this area to produce a fabulous Cadillac. The reds are not left behind. A beautiful tannic structure and a maximum of fruit characterize these Bordeaux.

  • Château Dudon...

    Buy wine in Calais at cheap price, Château Dudon Sauternes Sweet Bordeaux Wine, Evelyne and Michel Allien have owned Dudon since 1988, and continue the policy put in place by the first owners of Château Dudon in 1868. Indeed, no weed killer has ever been used in the vineyards since the creation of the vineyard. a Sauternes from organic farming. Château Dudon is located in a vein of clay-sandy terrain of Haut Barsac which counts the prestigious Châteaux Coutet and Climens. The peculiarity of the terroir of Dudon hides at one meter fifty deep. Large blocks of limestone bedrock accumulate during the summer heat during the day and return it at night. This nocturnal heat supply corrects the effects of Ciron, which is known to be very fresh. This gives a very beautiful maturity of the grapes on each vintage. The magic of Botyris Cinerea, this noble rot then operates during the last days of summer.

  • Château des Estanilles

    Just think of the AOC Faugères in Languedoc to think of Château des Estanilles. Let's pay tribute to Michel Louison, the founder of the estate, who passed the job to Michel Seydoux and his son Julien in 2009. The financial strength of the Seydoux family brings the field into another dimension.

    Julien Seydoux knew how to wait and observe before making the estate evolve towards even more precision in winemaking. The 35-hectare estate has been biodynamic since 2010. All the wines of the château are marked by the fruit, the finesse of the tannins and a lot of elegance.

  • Château La Voulte...

    Château La Voulte Gasparet Corbières Languedoc Wine, Château La Voulte-Gasparets is one of the proud flag bearers of the Corbières appellation. Formerly disparaged this name has not stopped pulling the quality of its production. The Reverdy family presides over the destiny of this wonderful castle which are great ambassadors of Carignan. With an exceptional terroir, Corbières Boutenac favors Carignan for the structure of its wines but Grenache rounds the corners.
    Do not miss the fabulous Romain Pauc wine, which in many ways rises to the height of many Grands Crus at a very reasonable price.

  • Château Puech Haut...

    Château Puech Haut Coteaux du Languedoc Saint-Drézery, In just a few years, this area has become a must and a reference in Languedoc. Wines of a great class, all in elegance and the ratio quality - price coherent. The reds are loaded with fruit and matter, the whites are all freshness and roundness. A superb selection to know
    Château Puech-Haut is a hillside of Languedoc located in the first heights of the Cevennes on the village of Saint-Drézery, north-east of Montpellier. Gérard Bru spotted under the maquis, scrubland and olive trees an exceptional terroir made of limestone clay and rolled pebbles clean to produce a great wine. Thus was born the dream crazy enough to create ex nihilo a domain of the scale of Puech Haut. 100 hectares of vines which enjoys a very favorable Mediterranean climate on soils made of clay, limestone and covered with rolled pebbles, the same as found in Châteauneuf-du-Pape. The vines, selected by the Château Puech-Haut for their suitability with the soil (Syrah and Grenache in mind), are grown according to principles without chemical weed control and harvesting is done manually and at perfect maturity. The vinifications, in barrels and vats of wood according to the color, are made separate grape varieties, to preserve all their typicality. The aging, which is done in barrels, meets criteria that impress an amazing singularity Coteaux du Languedoc area Castle Puech-Haut.

  • Cheval Noir
  • Domaine de Cigalus by...

    Domaine de Cigalus by Gérard Bertrand Languedoc wine can be Called a Grand Cru From Languedoc. Amazing steady quality multi awarded wines

  • Château Clément Termes...

    Best wine deals on Château Clément Termes Gaillac Wine South West Region, For 150 years and 7 generations, Château Clément Termes has been spearheading the wines of Tarn, which in 1938 will become Gaillac Whites and in 1970 Gaillac Reds and Rosés. The vineyards of the estate are facing south-east, which guarantees a perfect maturity and health of the grapes. This estate follows the charter of the Independent Winegrowers.

  • Clos Cibonne Cru...

    Clos Cibonne Cru Classe from Provence Region an unkowne estate that offers wines in the purest Provencal tradition including its 100% Tibouren cuvée

  • Clos de l'ORATOIRE...

    Buy at the best price in calais Châteauneuf du Pape wines red and white like this Clos de l'Oratoire

  • Les Félines Languedoc

    Les Félines Languedoc Wines offer the Best selection in white Red and Rosé Languedoc wine

  • Clos du Notaire Côtes...

    Wine deals on Clos du Notaire Côtes de Bourg red Bordeaux Wine.  Boasting breathtaking views of the Gironde Estuary, "La Gloriette" is the emblematic construction of the domaine du Clos du Notaire. The vineyards are ideally located on hillsides, facing south. The proximity of the Gironde allows a climate regulation. The grassing of some plots allows a life of the subsoil richer and an effective fight against erosion! The vineyards of the Clos du Notaire were already mentioned in the Feret of 1874 as the second cru bourgeois. Maitre COUTIN Notary to Jonzac gave the name of Clos du Notaire to this domain.
    The owners Amélie OSMOND and Victor MISCHLER are proud to present their shores of Bourg. To note the Cuvée de Prestige of the estate, Cuvée Notaris whose reputation continues to grow and beautify

  • Clos des Mouches...

    Buy in calais Clos des Mouches Beaune 1er Cru Burgundy Wine. The Clos des Mouches adjoins the appellation Pommard south of the Beaune appellation. This plot in Beaune 1er Cru hillside of Mont Saint Désiré is a gentle slope and regular 25 hectares is shared between the House Drouhin (14 ha), Chanson (4.5 ha), and smaller owners like Viollot Guillemard in Pommard (20 acres)

    The Clos des Mouches produces as much Blanc as Rouge, this 1er Cru de Beaune covers 25 hectares and is the largest of the appellation Beaune 1er Cru.

    The name "Clos des Mouches" has its origin in the fact that this clos was sunny and had hives. At the time the bees bore the name of "honey flies".

    In white as in Red these parcels produce World Class wines.

  • Clos Venturi Domaine...

    Clos Venturi  Domaine Vico Corsica Wines, The estate is named after its creator at the beginning of the 20th century in the person of Jean Vico. It was not until 1989 that the vineyard was taken over by the Venturi-Acquaviva family, which gave it its name and its current appearance. The vineyards of this Clos Venturi AOC Corsica are located between 300 and 400 meters above sea level. This altitude allows the vines to enjoy the freshness of the night to give wines full of vivacity despite the great heat that the vine knows with the beautiful Corsican summer.The vineyard is located in the heart of Corsica at the foot of the needles of Popolasca to the confluence of the roads of Bastia Ile Rousse and Ajaccio.

  • Côté Mas

    Côté Mas is first and foremost the name of the restaurant of Paul Mas located in Montagnac near Pézenas about 35 km from Montpellier.

    This name is also used for a range of Paul Mas wines. These wines illustrate the idea dear to Paul Mas of "Rural Luxury". The simplicity and rigor combined in a range of wines that express the spirit of the grape varieties, terroirs and the region is primarily Mediterranean Languedoc.

  • Côtes Montpezat wine...

    Côtes Montpezat wine By Bessineau

  • Coucheroy Pessac Léognan

    Château COUCHEROY Rouge Pessac Léognan Red and White Bordeaux Wine

  • Cordier Wines from...

    Wine deals on Cordier Wines from Bordeaux

  • Couly Pierre and...

    Couly Pierre and Bertrand Wines from Chinon Loire Valley Wines. Domaine Pierre and Bertrand Couly is located in St Louans on the edge of Vienna. This terroir was elected Grand Cru in the classification of 1942. The family of Pierre and Bertrand Couly has been working in the region since the 15th century. This seniority gives them a certain legitimacy !!! After a painful separation during the 2000s with their cousins ​​the Dutheuil, they left on their side and offer us exactly the wines that we liked at Couly-Dutheuil, wines of character that honor the Cabernet Franc grape variety. The estate covers 16 hectares, the vines are grown in sustainable agriculture. Since 2010, a new cellar with a modern and refined design conceived by Bertrand Penneron architect in Tours, has been built. It offers excellent working conditions, an easier welcome for visitors and is without a doubt a goal of a walk in the beautiful vineyards of Chinon.

  • Croix Belle Côtes de...

    You will not taste a Côtes de Thongue an appellation of Languedoc, but a wine from the Domaine de la Croix Belle. Since the 1970s the estate has been constantly searching for the latest winemaking technical improvements in order to constantly improve. This quest is found in bottles that offers the Belle Cross.

    This result passed through a total re-planting of the estate in the early 80s, a drastic drop in yields to improve the quality of juices and finally manual harvesting at optimal maturity.
    You will taste from the first cuvées generous reds, dense soft tannins and bright rosés and slightly acidulous.

  • Cuilleron Yves

    In 3 generations, the family of Yves Cuilleron has established a vineyard of 50 hectares of vines in the beautiful appellations of the northern part of the Côtes du Rhône. St. Joseph, Cornas, Côte Rôtie Condrieu and Saint Peray.

    At the head of this vineyard since 1987, Yves Cuilleron insisted that his wines be marked by the specificities of their terroir. To do this, the emphasis is on selections and vinifications parcellaires, vinification separated between young vines and old vines.Les grapes are made manually and a drastic tris of the most beautiful bunches is done.

    The red wines spend 18 months in barrels renewed at 25% per year. White wines spend 9 months with an annual renewal of barrels of 25% per year too.

    Yves Cuilleron also participates in the adventure of Vienne wines with Pierre Gaillard and François Villard.

  • Delas Frères Rhone...

    Wine offers in Calais on Delas Frères Rhone Valley Wines, Delas Frères is a major wine merchant in Côtes du Rhône while owning 30 hectares (18 ha in Crozes Hermitage, 10 ha in Hermitage and 2ha in Saint Joseph). Since 1835, year of its creation, this house has been able to select the best terroirs and the best supplies. The best parcels are vinified separately and the grapes are totally destemmed in order to obtain soft and silky tannins. With the last years of big heat, Delas pays particular attention to the maturity of the grapes (neither too much nor too little).

    1977 was the year of the marriage between Delas Frères and Champagne Deutz. This an unnatural alliance between "the aristocrats" and "the earthlings" was marvelously unfolded since it was built on the common foundation of excellence

  • Domaine Borie de Maurel

    In the heart of the Minervois La Livinière, the Borie de Maurel estate by Michel Escande, the "Sorcier des Félines" (named after the town where he lives) is one of the great successes of the last 20 years in Languedoc. His entry-level "Esprit d'automne" illustrates the mastery and rigor with which Michel Escande works. You will be literally dazzled by the power and finesse of the "Sylla" wine. Michel Escande and his son Gabriel work the 35 hectares of vines hung on the sometimes steep slopes of the Montagne Noire. Maxime Escande is responsible for marketing the wines.

  • Dompierre Château
  • Dourthe Wines from...

    Dourthe Wines from Bordeaux in Calais . Dourthe n°1 a Must Have wine in Bordeaux, Since 1940, the House Dourthe is a reference on Bordeaux for the quality of its wines. Dourthe is also a pioneering house in the development of brand wines with particular successes that are No. 1 white and red. This did not prevent Dourthe to ensure the development of its Castles including Belgrave and Le Boscq but also and especially to create a masterpiece with Essence de Dourthe, wine from the exceptional terroirs of the house and which today part of the greatest wines.

  • Georges Duboeuf...

    Buy in Calais Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais in Calais Vins and Franglais Vins wine store

  • Ducasse Graves Wine...

    Ducasse Graves White and Red Wine from Bordeaux

  • Château du Cèdre...

    Wine offers on Château du Cèdre Cahors Wine Malbec Wines, The Cedar Castle in Cahors escapes the caricature of Cahors wines. Jean Marc and Pascal Verhaeghe succeed the forge round to combine in one and the same bottle of Cahors, power, elegance and freshness. Since 1973, the family Verhaeghe exploits 27 hectares in Cahors on hard and ungrateful soil but which with the complicity of Malbec, give us wonderful wines.

  • Echo Falls California...

    Echo Falls California Wines

  • Sancerre Eric Louis...

    Buy in Calais Sancerre Eric Louis Celliers de la Pauline Loire Valley Wine, This estate owes its name to Pauline, the great-grandmother of Eric Louis, the current owner of the estate, who already sold his wine on the market as early as 1860. Julien, Léon and Léon Louis succeeded each other at the head of this beautiful area of ​​Sancerre.The estate produces Sancerre but also Pouilly Fumé and Quincy.

    The estate Celliers de la Pauline covers 32 ha around the village of Thauvenay, on the southeast hillsides of Sancerre.

  • Esclans Château Provence

    Sacha Lichinne took over this estate in 2006. The Château d'Esclans estate covers 267 hectares, 44 of which are devoted to vines. The grape varieties used are Grenache, Rolle, Cinsault, Merlot, Mourvèdre, Syrah and Tibouren.

    Esclan Castle is one of the biggest successes of recent years in the Atlantic Ocean; The provence rosé Whispering Angel.

    The castle is known for its very old Grenache vines, which bring to its wines concentrations and aromas. It is amusing to note that the age of the vines follows the altitude level of the parcels and reaches 90 years in the highest parcels.

  • Faiveley Burgundy Wines

    Great wine offers in calais on Faiveley Burgundy Wines, Erwan Faiveley, head of the Faiveley house since 2004, is the 7th generation to preside over the destiny of this venerable house. The house Faiveley exists since 1825 in Nuits-St Georges and could with time acquire beautiful parcels in Beaune, Corton, Gevrey Chambertin, Mercurey, Pommard, Puligny Montrachet and Volnay.

    The Faiveley estate pays particular attention to the conditions for rearing its wines. You have to visit the vaulted cellars from the 19th century, and listen to your guide explain the rigorous work of selecting each cask that will house a house wine. Each barrel is chosen for its fine grain and the success of a light heating.

    Did you know ? In 1934, Georges and Camille Rodier founded the Brotherhood of Knights Tastevin, a great vector for the revival of Burgundy wines

  • Fat Bastard Wines from...

    Buy wine in Calais Fat Bastard Wines from Gabriel Meffre, 

  • Domaine la Ferme...

    Domaine la Ferme Blanche Cassis Wine in Provence, The Domaine de la Ferme Blanche in AOC Cassis is run by Jéromine Paret. This field produces with Philippe Garnier the oenologist of the field of Cassis wines just as successful in White Rosé or Red. The trilogy at this level is rare enough to emphasize it.

    The vineyard of the AOC Cassis an "urban vineyard" planted only within the limits of the city of Cassis. This pocket vineyard covers only 210 hectares, the concentration of wines is at the rendezvous because it takes on average a foot of vine to produce a bottle.

  • Ferraton Père et Fils
  • Frey-Sohler Alsace Wines

    Frey-Sohler a nice range of Alsace Wines

  • Gabriel Meffre Rhone...

    Gabriel Meffre Rhone Valley Wines, The oldest of us will tell you about the impressive fleet of Gabriel Meffre trucks that traveled through France in the 20th century to distribute wines from 800 hectares in the Rhône Valley and in Provence. These 800 hectares made Mr and Mrs Meffre the biggest producers of AOC wines of France in the 80s.This story began in 1936 with the creation in Gigondas of a wine house with the status of Negotiator, Winemaker and Breeder.Nowadays the house Gabriel Meffre remains one of the references of the Rhone Valley and Provence. it enjoys the dual status of Breeder and Producer Negotiator Winemaker since the house Gabriel Meffre is among others owner of the very beautiful field of Long Toques in Gigondas

  • Chateau du Galoupet...

    Chateau du Galoupet Provence Wines, The castle of Galoupet was one of the first to give pride of place to a Provencal grape forgotten in Provence, the Tibouren. The Tibur cuvée is the perfect illustration.
    The estate is located by the sea, not far from Hyères, the Brégançon Fort and Porquerolles Island.
    The Park of the Castle houses a beautiful collection of Mediterranean flora composed of various varieties of palms, lemon, orange and eucalyptus.
    The vineyard extends, facing the sea, on 72 hectares with a beautiful variety in the grape variety since harmoniously cohabit grenache, mourvèdre, cinsault, syrah, tibouren, rolle, semillon, chardonnay, cabernet, calladoc, carignan.
    The vine is on average 25 years old. Vinification, blending and aging are done in a beautiful vaulted cellar (rare in Provence) endowed with the most modern materials

  • Gavinet Béthanie

    It is at the head of 9 hectares of vineyards that the two sisters Christine and Claire continue the work of their father. The sisters represent the 4th generation at the head of the domain. A small tasting cellar welcomes you in the center of Nuits St Georges.

    The estate offers 7 appellations including the prestigious Nuits-Saint-Georges 1er Cru and Gevrey-Chambertin.

    For the record, Didier Retiere, the current National Technical Director of French rugby, is Christine's husband. A vintage is dedicated to him.

  • Gérard Bertrand

    The Corbières are the birthplace of Gérard Bertrand. After a very good pro rugby career, Gérard Bertrand took over from his father, who had died at the Domaine de Villemajou.
    In two decades, this visionary entrepreneur has put his name on just about all the beautiful Languedoc appellations. Via domain acquisitions or through strong partnerships with cellars.
    Gérard Bertrand is able to offer you always well-made public wines, which has never tasted its famous Gris Blanc, which still ignores the launch of the novelty in white Gérard Bertrand's Extra Blanc? He will also present you very sharp wines, elaborated by his teams like garage wines. Once you have tasted Cigalus Blanc, you will question many certainties about your preferences for white wines.

  • Chateau Gouprie...

    Buy wine in calais Chateau Gouprie Pomerol Wine, Château Gouprie is part of its 4.5ha club very closed Pomerol castles. This castle works a unique terroir of gravel and sand on a subsoil of limestone clays and iron dirt. Merlot is the majority with 75% and 25% Cabernet Franc. Harvesting in green in June allows to select only the most beautiful bunches best placed on the foot. The harvest is then done manually and gives rise to a sort of very severe grapes. Château Gouprie always offers wines of a very deep robe.

  • Guigal
  • Gustave Lorentz Alsace...

    Gustave Lorentz great range of Alsace Wines, Since 1836, the grape harvest from exceptional terroirs has been expressing the unique character of its wines from vintage to vintage: Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris ... The estate nowadays covers 33 hectares, half of which are classified Altenberg Grand Cru of Bergheim and Kanzlerberg. The vineyard is in conversion to organic farming. A beautiful multi-purpose house that offers beautiful late harvest and selection of noble grains.

  • Grand-Puy Lacoste...

    Grand-Puy Lacoste Pauillac 5ème Cru Classé

  • Chateau de Grézan...

    Buy wines in Calais Chateau de Grézan  Faugères Languedoc Wine, The château de Grézan was rebuilt by the family of Mirepoix from 1824. This castle is registered since 1993 on the list of French Historical Monuments. Its particularity is that it is the only castle of neo-medieval inspiration. It is a "mini city of Carcassonne". This castle evokes the history of the region, the pilgrims of Compostela, the Templars, the Crusades ....

    The terroir of Faugères is dominated by shale, located 20 km north of Béziers, in the foothills of the Cévennes. The 4 main grape varieties are Grenache, Syrah, Carignan and Mourvèdre for reds and rosés.

  • Haut Gléon domaine in...

    Buy at fair price in calais Haut Gléon domaine in Corbières Languedoc Wines, The Domaine Haut Gléon owes its flight to the Duhamel family, a great textile name in the North who invented the famous K-way. In fact, it was in 1991 that the Duhamel acquired the upper part of the vineyards of the Domaine Gléon. Thus this new domain was named Haut Gléon. Léon Nicolas Duhamel has made substantial investments in the cellars and the vineyard. The advice of the famous Sommelier Eric Dugardin is behind this success in Corbières.

    This wine illustrates well what a local wine is because the 40 hectares of vineyards are surrounded by 260 hectares of scrubland and thyme. It is amazing to see how these aromatic plants influence the nose of the Haut Gléon production. The vines are in conversion towards an Organic  production.

    Recently, the Domaine Haut Gléon has been sold to Foncailieu, bringing a new dynamic in terms of logistics

  • Hardy's

    Buy Hardy's Australian Wines in Calais

  • Haut Piquat Lussac...

    Top Piquat very pretty Lussac St Emilion of the House Rivière Owner of the Clos Menuts and the brand of Bordeaux Menuts

  • Philippe Heitz Alsace...

    Buy in Calais Philippe Heitz Alsace Organic Wine, The Heitz house produces wines from 7 different varieties of Alsace. Each wine in the Heitz wine range bears the characteristics of the different grape varieties and terroirs; This is really what we like at this house.
    The vineyards of Philippe Heitz are plowed traditionally and conducted according to the principles of organic cultivation. The harvest is manual at optimum maturity.
    The Bruderthal overlooking the Molshein region gives the nearby region the effects of a micro-climate. The vines of the Heitz house are south-east facing. Thus the vines are protected from the north wind. The wines of Bruderthal are always supported by a mature and very elegant bouquet.

  • Henry Pellé Menetou...

    Henry Pellé Menetou Salon Loire Valley Wines, Since 1888, the Henry Fessy house located in Brouilly is a house that marks the history of the Beaujolais vineyards.The estate now covers 70 hectares and allows Maison Fessy a wide range of Beaujolais wines.The vineyard is subjected to reasonable treatments. Since 2008 this noble house passed under the control of the house of Burgundy Louis Latour. A policy of acquiring vineyards has given new life to this house, which is definitely one of the leading houses in Beaujolais

  • Henry Fessy Beaujolais...

    Buy wine in calais Henry Fessy Beaujolais Wines, Since 1888, the Henry Fessy house located in Brouilly is a house that marks the history of the Beaujolais vineyards.
    The estate now covers 70 hectares and allows Maison Fessy a wide range of Beaujolais wines.
    The vineyard is subjected to reasonable treatments. Since 2008 this noble house passed under the control of the house of Burgundy Louis Latour. A policy of acquiring vineyards has given new life to this house, which is definitely one of the leading houses in Beaujolais.

  • Hestrange Domaine...

    Laurent Metge-Toppin has been at the head of Château de l'Hestrange since the early 2000s. The entire estate has views of the Saône valley. This vineyard of 9 ha is mainly planted in red with Gamay and Pinot Noir grapes.

    Mr Metge Toppin is what we can call a flying wine maker, an oenologist who rolled his hump in many vineyards of the world who lived in London before landing in Blacé when he bought the estate of Hestrange.

    Laurent Metge Toppin demonstrates that Beaujolais can produce fine wines that are dense and suitable for aging.

  • Hortus Domaine

    The estate of Hortus is the flagship of the appellation Pic Saint Loup in Coteaux du Languedoc. For 25 years the distinctions and rave reviews rained on the Orliac family. Robert Parker distinguishes the estate of Hortus as an "Exceptional Domain", none of them have given him the nickname "Pétrus des Languedoc".

    The reds come from Syrah, Mourvèdre and Grenache, the whites are composed of Chardonnay, Viognier and Roussanne, all on an exceptional terroir oriented North East to ensure freshness.

    Discover this estate whose wines are of a price / exceptional pleasure ratio. The biggest tables in France open their doors, it's up to you !!

  • Jacky Blot Loire...

    Buy wine in Calais Jacky Blot Loire Valley Wines Montlouis Vouvray Bourgeuil wines Domaine de la Butte Triple Zero, Jacky Blot is above all a man we remember! His original career, his approach to wines, his poetry, all contribute to a moment spent in his company remains etched in your memory.Jacky Blot heads the area of ​​Taille aux Loups in Montlouis / Vouvray and the Domaine de la Butte in Bourgueil.Taille aux loups is an area of ​​25 hectares of very old chenin vines on sloping limestone hills facing south that plunge towards the Loire and Cher. It is only worth mentioning the Cuvée Triple Zero in vouvray or the Cuvée Romulus in Montlouis Moelleux (even Liquoreux) to evaluate the level of excellence of this field.The Domaine de la Butte is an exceptional vineyard of 14 hectares in one piece on hillsides of Bourgueil, facing south and sheltered from frost because of its proximity to a forest. The elevation of this area allows work in the cellar only by gravitation.

  • Jamelles

    The Jamelles is really a wine range of Pays d'Oc grape varieties marked by the personality of Catherine Delaunay, oenologist of Burgundy origin who spent a few years in the vineyards of the new world.

    Since 1991, the range Jamelles is based on the craftsmanship of Catherine and Laurent Delaunnay who have selected the most beautiful terroirs in Languedoc Roussillon. Both come from families of Burgundy vintners, they have an obvious sensitivity to the selection of soils that are the basis of wines of great qualities.

    the secret of this success is also the strong and constant bond that Catherine Delaunnay has with her winemakers partners. Then she intervenes directly at the end of the cycle for vinification and blending.
    We particularly liked the idea of ​​presenting rare grape varieties such as Jamelles Mourvèdre or Jamelles Marsanne. This approach also allows us to perfect our knowledge of grape varieties that build for all or part of our great wines in France.

  • Janicou Ardeche Wines

    Janicou Ardeche Wines

  • Jeff Carrel Languedoc...

    Cheap wedding wine in calais Jeff Carrel Languedoc Wines, Jeff Carrel is not a child of the ball, the chance led him from Paris where he was born in 1969 to Montpellier where he made studies of Oenology. He made his tour of France and got acquainted with winemaking and wine-growing in Loire, Alsace and of course in Languedoc. From all this peregrination he has derived a certainty; It is necessary to make and it wants to make sincere wines which are the reflection of the soil, the varietal and the climate.
    Its trademark is of course also the sweet madness that surrounds the choice of its labels. But it is necessary to propose a wine to the excess of the exuberance of its labels. This is very often the case. Jeff Carrel has a modern conception of wine, making wines from his estates, partner domains or from bulk wine purchases. The only truth, the quality of the wine.

  • Joseph Drouhin...

    Buy good wine in Calais Joseph Drouhin Burgundy Wines, Maison Drouhin is an institution in Burgundy, with 90 Burgundy appellations in its catalog! This house has been the great ambassador of Burgundy wines from all over the world.
    The Joseph Drouhin house was founded in Beaune in 1880, and today it operates 73 hectares of its own (70% Pinot Noir and 30% Chardonnay), the rest of its supplies are provided by contracts for the delivery of grapes and musts. with the best winemakers of each appellation.
    Joseph Drouhin owns magnificent plots such as Clos des Mouches, Montrachet Marquis de Laguiche, Musigny, Clos de Vougeot Grand Cru and also Corton Charlemagne Grand Cru.
    The Drouhin style is a lot of finesse in the use of wood, the search for the perfect balance while respecting the identity of each terroir. Discover a simple Red Lafôret from Drouhin to get a glimpse of what a good red Burgundy should be.
    The vineyard is conducted biodynamically.

  • Kumala South Africa Wines

    Buy Kumala South Africa Wines at the best price in Calais

  • La Chablisienne...

    Best wine store in cvalais to buy wine, La Chablisienne Chablis Burgundy Wine, The Chablisienne, is a cooperative of Chablis in White Burgundy which counts 300 members representing 1200 hectares (equivalent of 1/4 of the Chablis appellation). The extreme diversity of its terroirs allows Chablis to offer almost all of what the Chablis vineyard can offer (Petit Chablis, Chablis, Premier Cru and Grands Crus) with some thirty references to its catalog. Founded in 1923, this venerable house dedicated to Chardonnay remains at the forefront with investments constantly renewed.
    The Chablisienne possesses the prestigious Castle Frogs which is a monopoly in the Grand Cru Frog.

    In Grand Crus: Blanchot, Bougros, Preuses, Frogs

    1st Cru: Beauroy, Montmains, The Lys, Côte de Léchet, The Dead Man, Vaulorent, Mount Middle, Climb Thunder.

  • Domaine la Croix de...

    Domaine la Croix de Marche Jura Wine 

    Cédric Salaün, represents the second generation of winemaker. His father Jean Marie Salaün, Breton of origin seems to be a "sacred navigator" since the winds pushed him to the Jura in the 70s where he married Hélène Franc-Contoise by birth.

    In the early 80s the family moved to Passenas and created the area of ​​Croix Marche. The estate also has 3 parcels in Château Chalon.

    We also love the red Trousseau with aromas of hot blackcurrant, the Macvin white wine cuvées based on Savagnin.

  • Ladoucette

    The Domaine Ladoucette is a vineyard surrounding the castle of Nozet. This castle belongs to the Counts Lafond since the late eighteenth century. Baron Patrick de Ladoucette has been devoting himself to vine growing since he was 20 in 1972. Over the years, the Domaine de Ladoucette has become one of the world's reference areas for Sauvignon growing. The Domaine de Ladoucette works Sauvignon with remarkable precision. Its great feature vintage after vintage is this nose of great purity, citrus notes and gunflint, which gives way to a fleshy mouth.

    The great wine of Baron de L Ladoucette is only produced in great vintages with a touch of Semillon.

    Patrick de Ladoucette presides over the destinies of very beautiful references in Loire and Burgundy wine, with La Poussie in Sancerre or Comte Lafond in Menetou-Salon and Chablis Régnard.

  • Château La Haye Saint...

    Buy in Calais wine Château La Haye Saint Estèphe red Bordeaux Wine, The castle The Hague is a Medoc Cru Bourgeois in St Estèphe, it is one of the oldest castles of Saint Estèphe because there are cadastral traces of presence vines on the field since 1557. Since 1932, The Hague is a classified as Cru Bourgeois Supérieur, it became the property of Chris Cardon in 2012 who discovered the region by participating in the Médoc marathon in 2006. Chris Cardon a Belgian businessman now owns 31.5 hectares in Bordeaux with 2 ha in Pauillac on Château Bellevue, 21 ha in Saint-Estèphe with Château La Haye and 10 ha of Château Vieux Coutelin since June 2015.

    The vineyard stretches over 11 hectares of old vines on clayey gravel, with 45% Cabernet Sauvignon, 42% Merlot, 8% Cabernet Franc and 5% Petit Verdot.

    The Malbec grape variety was established in 2012 and will offer an additional opportunity when assembling plots.

  • Laleure Piot Burgundy...

    Calais Wines deals on Laleure Piot Burgundy Wine.For three centuries and five generations in Burgundy, Laleure-Piot is located in the village of Pernand-Vergelesses on the Côte de Beaune and operates 11 ha pernand, savigny ...
    Since 2013, the estate has been awarded the organic farming label. Recently, considerable financial efforts have been made to further improve the quality of the wines. More supervision and work in the vineyards, manual harvesting, a severe sorting of grapes on vibrating tables brings a perfect harvest in the cellars. The cellars are equipped with thermoregulated vats and the first aging takes place in oak barrels between 10 and 12 months depending on the wines and vintages.

  • La Madrague Domaine...
  • Lamothe Cissac Haut...

    Find good wine deals in Calais Vins and Franglais Vins 2 wine superstores selling Lamothe Cissac Haut Médoc Wine

  • Laporte Sancerre

    Serge LAPORTE and his wife Elisabeth are settled on the Chavignol slopes not far from Sancerre for generations. The estate benefits from 2 types of soils, a limestone and stony soil, "Les Caillotes" and a clay and limestone soil "les Terres Blanches". This variety of soils gives Serge Laporte's Sancerres a good balance and a capacity for aging. A sancerre in the great classical tradition.

  • Laroche Chablis and...

    Buy at cheap price in calais wine Laroche Chablis and Languedoc Wines.All Laroche wines are screwcap locked. Michel Laroche was the great advocate in France of this practice a little confusing but which continues to conquer supporters. You must have participated in a comparative tasting on wines of 10 years in traditional corking VS screw capping to understand the usefulness. Neither better nor less good but noticeably different!

    The Laroche trading house and the Laroche estate in Chablis are now owned by the Languedoc group Advini. Advini is therefore also the owner of the domains created by Michel Laroche in Languedoc, Chile and South Africa.

    Michel Laroche moved the family estate from six hectares at the end of the sixties, to more than 100 hectares at the time of the sale to the group Advini.

    The Laroche style is marked by minerality, thanks to fully mature grapes, while paying attention to the freshness and aromas of Chardonnay.

  • Domaine de La...

    Buy wine in Calais Domaine de La Rouillière  Provence wines. The domain of Rouillière dates from 1900, he is one of the deans of the region. This area that draws its name from the river that runs through it is located on the almost island of Saint Tropez this area produces rosés known throughout the world.

    It is an area of ​​120 hectares including 45 hectares of vineyards conducted in byodinamie, which was equipped from 1998 1700 m² of ultra modern cellars to the arrival of the current owners, Magali and Bertrand LETARTRE.

    Still a businessman from the north who came to get some sun on the shores of the Mediterranean. At the head of the Anios laboratories, Mr Letartre knew how to be patient in order to rebuild a vineyard worthy of the name, able to produce 200 000 bottles sold throughout the world. It took him 15 years to go from vision to contemplation ... the result is up to par.

  • Domaine Le Roc Fronton...

    Buy south west wines in Calais. Domaine Le Roc Fronton Wine closed to the city of Toulouse South West Region Wine.To make a beautiful Fronton you have to be a master winemaker. Négrette, the king of the Fronton grape variety is very difficult to work, very sensitive to climatic hazards, very fragile and as such Jean Luc Ribes field Le Roc is in our eyes a master winemaker.Fronton is a vineyard on the doorstep From toulouse.

    Jean Luc Ribes seeks to respect the soil and was a true pioneer in the weeding of vines since this practice dates back to 1981 at Domaine Le Roc. His keen sense of freedom makes him free from the sometimes heavy constraints of AOC to express his talent outside the context of the Fronton appellation by using other varietals in varying proportions, but always at the service of what nature has given to each vintage.

  • Chablis Maurice...

    Wine warehouse in calais to buy wine ,Chablis Maurice Lecestre Burgundy Wine 100% Chardonnay Fruity and Crispy white wine. This estate is located in Fontenay-près-Chablis, north-east of Chablis, on the right bank of the Serein.The estate Oliveira Lecestre is a family estate that dates from 1955. Mr. De Oliveira devotes himself exclusively to his vineyards from 1965 and associates with Mr Lecestre his brother-in-law. the domain as we know it then draws its origins.Nowadays the estate De Oliveira Lecestre covers 48 hectares, on four appellations, Petit Chablis, Chablis, Premier Cru "Fourchaume" and Grand Cru "Les Clos".This area produces Chablis of great mineral purity in the great tradition of Chablis.

  • Les Darons Languedoc...

    Best place to buy wine in Calais, like wine "les Darons" Languedoc Wine By Jeff Carrel. Darons is a brand of wines by Jeff Carrel. The Daron means in familiar language, the father, the sage, the mature person.When the creation of the vintage Darons in red, Jeff Carrel used only old vines Grenache and Carignan over 40 years . This canonical age for some, reasonable for others and very young for the rest of the band made him imagine the name of this cuvée.Les Darons wines now exist in Rosé and Blanc, composed by Jeff Carrel with as much rigor as their illustrious elder brother Rouge.

  • Les vins Baronne Guichard

    Chateau Siaurac is one of the Baronne Guichard's vineyards. It is composed of the Siaurac castles in Lalande de Pomerole, the Priory in Saint-Emilion Grand Cru Classé and the Château Vray Croix de Gay in Pomerol. Now it is Aline and Paul Goldschmidt, his daughter and son-in-law who preside over the destinies of these areas.

  • Lionel Osmin

    In 2010, Lionel Osmin created a trading house dedicated to South West wines. Vast company considering the variety of soils and the vines, even even traditions and customs. Lionel Osmin says, the goal of this trading house is to "dust off the caricature image of South West wines and propose, with a contemporary approach, authentic local wines". He has partnered with Damiens Sartori, the oenologist of the band, who imagines and elaborates the cuvées. The range Villas, allows to apprehend the wines of the South West in their great diversity. From Irouléguy to Gaillac, from Fronton to Madiran, from Cahors to Jurançon, from Bergerac to Marcillac, the success of the Villa Chambre d'Amour exceeds even all expectations.

    Lionel Osmin has made his class with Charles Hours in Jurançon, rugby player Pro Imanol Harinordoquy, of Basque origin comes to lend a hand for public relations.

  • Domaine Longue Toque...

    Wine deals in Calais on Domaine Longue Toque Rhone Valley Wines Gigondas and Vacqueyras

  • Lorenzon Bruno...

    The best wine shop in calais to buy Lorenzon Bruno Mercurey Burgundy Wines. Bruno Lorenzon takes over the family estate from 4.5 hectares to mercurey in 1997. Before landing, Bruno Lorenzon has traveled professionally, in Spain but also in the Southern Hemisphere and especially in South Africa. He will draw an openness on the methods useful to drive the vine and vinify. These trips forge in him the certainty that he wants to return and settle in Mercurey to exploit the wonderful terroir at his disposal.

    It imposes itself a method of work worthy of the biggest domains. Yields are limited, harvesting is done in small crates of up to 6 kg in order to preserve the berries and present them in the best conditions in the press.

    The estate is undergoing organic certification and Bruno Lorenzon is undoubtedly one of the men who goes up in the Mercurey appellation

  • Louis Cheze Rhone...

    in Calais Great wine deals on Louis Cheze Rhone Valley Wines

  • Louis Latour Burgundy...

    Best place in Calais to buy Louis Latour Burgundy Wines and Ardeche Wines. The domain of Louis Latour is 50 hectares in own mainly in Premier Crus and Grands Crus, from the Côte de Nuits to the Côte de Beaune. The Louis Latour house is also a part of trading. Trading in Burgundy goes beyond simply buying and selling! The Burgundy trade ensures its supply of grapes or musts on multi-year contracts with the best vine growers of each appellations. Then the Bourguignon trade raises its wines according to the style of the house. At Louis Latour, the characteristics of each appellations are respected and the mastery of the wood is total. Chardonnay and Pinot Noir have no secrets for this venerable house! With more than 130 appellations to its catalog, the house Louis Latour is with the house Joseph Drouhin one of the great ambassadors of the wines of burgundy around the world .Louis Latour also offers beautiful Chardonnay products out of Burgundy with its "Ardèche" and "Grand Ardèche", white wines 100% Chardonnay in a Burgundy style, the sun and more !!

  • Lorgeril wines from...

    Buy in Calais wine from Lorgeril wines from Languedoc Cabardès Minervois Saint Chinian. The family of Pennautier has been directly or indirectly involved in the world of wine since 1620 at the Château de Pennautier in Cabardès.The Lorgeril wines come either from castles and estates in the number of 6 in Languedoc and Roussillon, but also from trading purchases on very demanding quality criteria.
    Miren and Nicolas de Lorgeril took over the family estate at the beginning of the 90s and have greatly increased the number of hectares thanks to the acquisition of estates in Saint Chinian, Faugères and Minervois, which have in common to be domains in altitudes, which contributes to the signature house which is the elegane and the freshness of the wines.

  • Lucien Lardy Fleurie...

    Buy in Calais Fleurie Wines from Lucien Lardy Fleurie Beaujolais Wine

  • Mac Carthy Saint -Estèphe

    Best place to buy wine in Calais like  Mac Carthy Saint-Estèphe by the Duboscq family from Château Haut Marbuzet

  • Mas Amiel Maury...

    Buy in calais cheap wines like Mas Amiel Maury Roussillon Wine The Mas Amiel is perhaps the most famous Maury in the world. in any case it is the ambition of Olivier Decelle and we must admit that it touches the goal. This 150-hectare vineyard is planted with 70% Grenache, an emblematic grape from Roussillon that gives the wines of Mas Amiel this fruit which makes it incomparable.

  • Mähler Besse Bordeaux...

    Buy in Calais cheap wines from Mähler Besse Bordeaux House Wine. In 1938 the Mähler-Besse family, a Bordeaux wine merchant, became a shareholder in Château Palmer. Today, the company Mälher-Besse is still shareholder of this flagship of Margaux but also castles Picard, Cheval Noir and Arche.
    Mähler-Besse is still today one of the few trading companies to house in the historic Bordeaux of immense century-old cellars.
    Mälher-Besse is also the representative of beautiful liquor houses like De Luze in Cognac or Glenfarclas in whisky.

  • Maison Rivière Grands...

    A wine store in calais to buy at good price Maison Rivière Grands Vins from Bordeaux like Clos des Menuts and Haut Piquat

  • Domaine Matignon Loire...

    So easy buying cheap wine in calais like wines from Domaine Matignon Loire Valley wines. The Matignon estate is at the heart of the Anjou vineyard. This domain is managed for 3 generations by the Matignon family. Every generation will have contributed to the building. The current generation, Hélène and Yves, works in the hyper precision of vinification and knowledge of the terroir they exploit. A complete soil survey was carried out during the 2000s. The result is a very fine exploitation by soil type of the 38 hectares of the estate planted with Cabernet Franc for the main one but also in Chenin and Grolleau.

    As an independent Vigneron adhering to the charter, the domain is carried out in reasoned agriculture and the grounds are plowed and worked.

    Domaine Matignon covers 38 hectares of vineyards planted mostly with Cabernet Franc, Chenin and Grolleau. Member of the Charter of Independent Winegrowers, reasoned fight

  • Maylandie Corbières...

    Best place in Calais to buy wines from Maylandie Corbières Languedoc Wine. Maylandie castle is the typical case of the Languedoc area which knew how to make the necessary change during the 70s. Under the rule of Jean Maymil and his wife Anne Marie, whole areas of the estate were torn down to replant hillsides. grape varieties requested by the young AOC Corbières. Mainly Grenache Noir, Syrah and more recently the Carignan which is well in the vines of the village of Férals.Delphine Maymil (the daughter of Jean and Anne Marie) and his companion Eric Virion continue brilliantly the work. Since 1999, the estate is managed in sustainable agriculture according to the specifications of the label Vitealys.The vines are facing south, on clay-limestone hillsides and yields range between 25 and 45 hl / ha, a guarantee of quality! An excellent price pleasure ratio at all stages of the production of this area.

  • Mellot Alphonse Sancerre

    The Mellot family has been active in the world of wine and vine for more than 500 years. "The" Alphonse Mellot who currently runs the house is none other than the 19th Alphonse Mellot ... he still enjoys the advice of his father, Alphonse Mellot ... (the 18th of the name!) And his sister Emmanuelle .

    The hallmark of Alphonse Mellot's Sancerres is an incomparable freshness and a great accuracy of the aromas due to precise and rigorous vinifications. The estate covers 30 hectares around the Moussière which is the only Sancerre to receive a mention "Out of Competition" in the Sancerre appellation.

    Red wines are made from pinot noir and white wines from sauvignon. The vine is conducted in organic and biodynamic cultivation, the harvest of a small yield are carried out manually at perfect maturity.

  • Ménard Domaine Haut...

    Ménard Domaine Haut Marin Gascony Wines. The Domaine de Ménard exploits 150 hectares of IGP Côtes de Gascogne. Owners of the estate since 1938, the Jegerlehner and Prataviera families have been in charge of Domaine Ménard for 3 generations. Less well known than its illustrious competitors UBY and Tariquet this area perfectly masters all the range of pleasure wines from the Côtes de Gascogne. The domain Ménard located Bas-Armagnac, along the via podensis, road going to Santiago de Compostela. Also find his wines in Haut Marin.

  • Clos des Menuts Saint...

    Buy inCalais at cheap price Clos des Menuts Saint Emilion Wine. The Clos des Menuts is an estate belonging to the Rivière family, a large family of merchants in Saint Emilion. The name Clos des Menuts comes from the 16th century. In those remote times, the religious witnessed the sales of barrels of wine. These religious were the Friars Minor of the Franciscan Order. this is translated in Gascon by "Fray Menuts".

    Today Clos des Menuts occupies 25 hectares adjoining the ramparts of the city of Saint Emilion.

  • Miguel Torres Spanish...

    Buy wine in Calais from Miguel Torres Spanish Wines like Sangre deToro or Vinasol wines.

  • Milhade
  • Domaine de Minuty...

    the wine shop in calais to buy at cheap price wines from Domaine de Minuty Provence Wines M de Minuty. This Domaine Provencal is one of 23 Crus Classés in Côtes de Provence. The vineyard is located on the peninsula of St Tropez, with 110 hectares of vineyards in the town of Gassin is one of the largest area of ​​the peninsula of St Tropez. This area produces mainly rosés, very well made to the world reputation. It is the pink of the Jet Set. The wines are nervous, fresh and always elegant. The Matton family since 1936 has decided to give a new design to the bottle of Cuvée M Minuty. The 2015 vintage is the occasion of the release of this new bottle.

  • Miraval Côtes de...

    The two stores in calais where to get wine offers on Miraval Côtes de Provence Wine Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Wine. Château de Miraval covers 600 ha, it covers a whole valley 4 km wide. The average altitude of the vineyard is 350 m, this implies that the vine enjoys hot days for the maturity of the grapes and cool nights that ensure the crispness and freshness of the wines. The cultivation of the vines is sometimes done in terraces as in the Douro valley, the soils are predominantly clay and limestone, the limestone is watery in winter and restores it to the vine in summer.

    The Miraval estate has always been home to celebrities from the artistic world. Indeed the former owner had built a recording studio, Miraval Studios who saw spend the Pink Floyd, Sting and many others. Nowadays Miraval Castle is the summer residence of Angélina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

    The viticultural part is provided by the Perrin family (Beaucastel). This beautiful association ensures the growing success of this beautiful Château provencal

  • Monspey Beaujolais Wines

    Wine deals in calais on Monspey Beaujolais Wines Brouilly Moulin à Vent Fleurie Chiroubles ...Successors of an illustrious line the family of Monspey, cultivates 6 hectares of vineyard owned in Brouilly. The range is completed by vinifying and blending wines from other Beaujolais wines. The result is always remarkable. the family of Monspey proves vintages in vintages that the Beaujolais can propose superb wines, suitable for the long aging.

  • Mont Redon Rhone...

    Best wine superstore in calais to buy Mont Redon Rhone Valley Wines. Since 1344 the vine is closely linked to the agricultural activity of Mount Redon. In 1923, Henri Plantin, the new owner of Mont-Redon, brought together 2.5 hectares of scattered land and planted vines on the vast stony and wooded plateau that dominates the estate. This is the beginning of a great adventure that leads Mont-Redon to exploit nowadays 100 hectares of vines in Châteauneuf-du-Pape, 22 hectares of Côtes-du-Rhône (since 1980) and 32 hectares of Lirac (since 1997).

  • Montus Wines

    Mr. Ambassador of the wines of Madiran and Pacherenc Vic Bilh is called Alain Brumont. This great wine man presides over the destinies of the 180 hectares of Bouscassé Castles (family estate) and Montus since 1978. A remarkable work has since been provided by this visionary and his teams. He quickly gave pride of place to the century-old grape of the appellation, the Tannat, and he pushed the work until, for each of his parcels, he was given a form of identity card which enabled him to decide on the encépagement, density of feet per hectare and methods of vinification. He was quickly convinced of the need for a barrel aging in 100% new. From the most prestigious (LA Tire, Montus Prestige) to the simplest, the range of Alain Brumont offers a wide choice of wine styles.
    Note the beautiful work done on white Liquoreux with Pacherenc's range of Vic Bilh Celestial Tears, Brumaire, Vendémiaire and Frimaire, a price / pleasure ratio always great and very consistent.

  • Mouton Cadet Bordeaux...

    Buy in Calais Mouton Cadet Bordeaux Wine from Mouton Rothschild

  • Namaqua South Africa...

    Best prices in Calais on Namaqua South Africa Wines

  • Ortas Rasteau Wines

    Wine deals in calais stores Calais Vins and Franglais Vins on Ortas Rasteau Wines. The Cave de Rasteau is in the Rhône Valley one of the oldest cooperative cellars. The creation of this demanding coop cellar goes back to 1925. No less than 80 winemakers exploit the vineyards on a total surface of 750 hectares located between 150 and 300 m of altitude on a soil whose exposure is mainly South. The strong will of the Rasteau winery to produce high quality wines requires low yields of 35 hl on average, or even 25 hl for high-end wines. The vines are on average 40 years old. It should be noted that 15% of the vines are over 70 years old. Although the main varietal is Grenache Noir, the wines of the Cave de Rasteau Ortas are based on the trio of variety "GSM" (Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre).

    Did you know that ? : One row in four is grassed to promote root competition that causes the vine to dig deeper into the soil.

  • Domaine OTT Provence...

    The best wine deals in calais on Domaine OTT Provence Wines. The elegant design of the bottles is only the finishing touch of a huge work on the quality of the wines on offer. The OTT domain made up of the Château de Selle and Clos Mireille in Provence then the Romassan castle in Bandol deserve their place in the pantheon of the great wines of Provence. The takeover of the OTT domain by the Louis Roederer Champagnes in 2004 only confirmed the project of excellence initiated at the end of the 19 th century by a young Alsatian agronomist, Marcel OTT.

  • Pascal Jolivet...

    Buy cheap wines sancerre and Pouilly Fumé in Calais from Pascal Jolivet. The vineyards of Pascal Jolivet adjoin the vineyards of Domaine Alphonse Mellot in Sancerre. This great winemaker who also produces in addition to his famous Sancerre of beautiful Pouilly Fumé and Touraine, has been at the head of this estate since 1987. Pascal Jolivet closely monitors his vineyards but tries to let the nature to the maximum, to let express each terroir. Each bottle of white magnifies the sauvignon with a strong mineral pattern.

  • Paul Jaboulet Ainé

    The Paul Jaboulet Ainé house is above all 200 years of history and therefore experiences in the northern Côtes du Rhône. The biggest names such as Cornas, Condrieu, Crozes Hermitage, Hermitage, St Peray and St Joseph have made Jaboulet Ainé famous unless it's the other way around ...

    Since 2006, this venerable house has passed into the hands of the family of Jean Jacques Frey, also owner of the castle La Lagune, shareholder of the house Billecart Salmon in champagne and recently owner of Château Corton André and 13 hectares of vines around in Bourgogne.

    Caroline Frey, one of Jean Jacques Frey's daughters, is the oenologist of the family. Caroline Frey has the means of her policy turned towards quality. Indeed she did not hesitate not to present the 2013 vintage of the Lagoon or the 2008 vintage of her famous Hermitage de la Chapelle.

    Nice proof of respect for a century-old wine that was still raised to the rank of the 10 greatest wines of the century for its 1961 vintage.

    A peculiarity of the house Paul Jaboulet Ainé is its underground aging cellar which occupies 17 hectares, the latter is an old underground quarry it is named the Vineum.

  • Parcé Frères...

    Buy wine in calais from Parcé Frères Roussillon Wines The purpose of this structure, the Vins Frères Parcé, is to distribute the wines from the Rectorie and Preceptorie domains, but also to distribute wines of winemakers who find favor with the eyes and especially the taste buds of Frères Parcé.

    The Parcé Brothers are very committed to the notion of safeguarding ancestral knowledge in each AOC of France. They propose themselves through the structure Les Vins Frères Parcé to unload from the commercial part of the vine growers, often very talented to make exceptional wines but who do not have the time, or the taste to commercialize their production.

    This structure then intervenes on these specific points. You will have understood the level of selection of wines is drastic, the remuneration of the winemakers is fair, this signature Wines Frères Parcé is a pledge of an exceptional price / pleasure ratio and in addition you contribute to keep in the vineyards know them to make ancestral.

  • Paul Mas Estate...

    Best prices in calais on wines from Paul Mas Estate Languedoc Wines. The Paul Mas estates are essentially known outside our borders since almost 90% of the production is sold for export in about 60 countries around the world.
    The red wines of Paul Mas are always generous, fruity and marked by an elegant woody, we particularly like the Syrah-Viognier Paul Mas Estate, whites gain in freshness and acidity since the acquisition of the domain of the Férrandière.

    The signature Côté Mas is the insurance of a beautiful realization

  • Pineraie Cahors wine

    Buy cheap and good wines in calais like Château Pineraie Cahors wine. Château Pîneraie Cahors, a 50-hectare estate, is masterfully run by the Burc family. The Château Pineraie is managed according to the principles enacted by the Terra Vitis Label which aim to protect the water, the air, the land, the vineyard and of course the men who work there. A manuscript of 1456 as well as property vines in 1663 and 1838 indicate that the Burc family already owned land in Cahors. The vines are planted with 85% Malbec and 15% Merlot, the grapes are sorted by hand and the parcels are vinified separately in temperature-controlled vats. The wines are then raised in air conditioned cellars.

    In summary be assured of the quality of the wines of this area because it is the Cahors that drink the "Cadurcians" (the inhabitants of Cahors and the surrounding area)!

  • Château Pennautier...

    Buy at the best price in calais superb wines like Château Pennautier Cabardès Languedoc Wine. Château de Pennautier, is a listed historical monument castle dating from the seventeenth century built in a style strongly inspired by the Palace of Versailles. It is also a cabardès of very beautiful invoice at the origin of the vineyards Lorgeril.
    The estate is located on average 280 m above sea level, this asset allows the vines to enjoy the beautiful warm days of Languedoc for maturity and altitude allows cooler nights with east and west winds alternately that give the freshness of the mountains.

  • Petit Pont Languedoc...

    Perfect wedding wine to buy in Calais wine  store ,Petit Pont Languedoc Wines. This brand of Languedoc wines is the synthesis of what Languedoc can produce at the best price. The elegance and sobriety of the labels is a reflection of the quality of the wines. The Petit Pont range offers bottled wines, Bib 5 liters or Bib 10 liters, in Red, Rosé and White. These are very versatile wines. These wines perfectly accompany all the moments of your life, from the barbecue to the family party while passing by a daily consumption.

  • Domaine du Père...

    Great wine offers on wines like Domaine du Père Caboche Chateauneuf du Pape and Vaucluse wines in white, red and rosé. It was not uncommon in our campaigns to have several trades. In the Boisson family, we were Vigneron and Maréchal-Ferrant.

    In Provençal, a nog is a nail that is used to fix the irons under the hooves of horses. It is in reference to this story that the domain was named: Domaine du Père Caboche.

    With 17 hectares in the Châteauneuf du Pape appellation, the Domaine du Père Caboche vineyard is spread over the following terroirs, La Crau, Les Plagnes and Le Serres, Le Parc, La Font du Pape. This variety of soil under this sea of ​​pebbles as it is customary to name, allows the Domaine du Père Caboche to produce vintages after vintage a Châteauneuf du Pape always powerful but also very balanced like his cuvée Elisabeth Chambellan.

    The estate also offers a beautiful Côtes du Rhône is a small marvel of discovery, its wine country Vaucluse, the Petit Caboche, in white, red and rosé.

  • Perrier Savoie Wines

    Wine offers on Perrier Savoie Wines from the French Alpes. The Maison Vins Jean Perrier et fils offers a wide range of Savoie wines in AOC Rosé Blanc Rouge, Mondeuse, Chignin Bergeron, Apremot Roussette, Gamay de Chautagne. The family owns, produces and also raises the wines.
    Some key dates. In 1947, the Perrier family bottled its wines. 1953, the trading house is created. Nowadays the house Jean Perrier Wines is the reference in wines of Savoy? Pay attention to its trucks that roam the roads towards ski resorts. without even paying attention you have certainly tasted one of their wines at the restaurant with a raclette or a fondue.

  • Pierre André Burgundy...

    Good wine offers on Pierre André nice Burgundy Wines. Since 1923, the Pierre André house evokes the greatest appellations of Burgundy. The Pierre André House merges with the Château de Corton André, jewels of the house on the hill of Corton. The particulatité of Corton is to produce a red Grand Cru (Corton) and a white Grand Cru (Corton-Charlemagne).

  • Pinède Châteauneuf du...

    Buy wine in calais Pinède Châteauneuf du Pape

  • Château Plain Point...

    Buy great wines in calais like Château Plain Point Fronsac. Michel Aroldi has made the international reputation of Plain Point. He is now at the head of Château Dompierre in Pauillac but the quality of this exceptional Fronsac continues. The vines, with an average age of 45 years, cover 18 hectares. The best part is made with Merlot with 75% of the planted area, then with Cabernet Sauvignon with 20% and finally with Cabernet Franc with 5%. The harvest is done manually and the aging of 2 years is carried out in new barrels at 40% on each vintage.

  • Château Poitevin Médoc...

    Best wine deals in calais Château Poitevin Médoc Wine

  • Château Poujeaux...

    Best wine offers in Calais, multi awarded wine Château Poujeaux Moulis-en-Médoc wine

  • Pollier Daniel Maconnais

    the family of Daniel Pollier is present in the village of Fuissé since 4 generations. The history of the house is Pouilly Fuissé, Daniel and his wife have acquired winemakers in Saint Véran and Mâcon Villages and Macon Chaintré gradually since the early 80s. In 30 years under the fury of Daniel, the Pollier estate has grown from 5 hectares to 14 hectares, divided into 41 parcels. The average altitude of the vines is 270 m. The vines benefit from beautiful exhibitions (south, south east) where the morning sunshine chases very early mists and fog.

  • Château Poulvère...

    Buy in Calais wines from Château Poulvère Bergerac and Monbazillac Wines

  • Domaine de la...

    Buy Roussillons wines in Calkais like Domaine de la Préceptorie Joseph Parcé Roussillon Wines. This area of ​​the Centennial Preceptory which is about to become mythical is the result of the association in 2001 of three Maury cooperatives and the rising generation of the Rectorie domain, including Vincent Parcé. Currently Joseph Parcé, arrived in 2007 (after a passage in the French Military Navy) for harvest is now the manager of the domain. The Domaine 100% Maury is in the process of passing the Organic Label, the yields are revised downwards and the quality of the wines keeps climbing. Saint Arnac and Centernach are the same village but the name of Centarnach was transformed into Saint Arnac after the revolution to erase its Occitan identity.

  • Prieuré Saint Jean de...

    Prestigious wines in calais like Prieuré Saint Jean de Bébian Coteaux du Languedoc Pezenas. The domain of Prieuré Saint jean de Bébian works 32 hectares morcellé in 43 parcels on the foothills of the Cevennes, in the area of ​​Coteaux du Languedoc classified Cru Pézenas. In the 1970s, the estate of Saint Jean de Bébian reworked its vines plan by conserving old Mediterranean plants (cinsault, carignan) that it associates with grape varieties such as syrah and grenache. These vines are now 40 years old. Since 2004, Karen Turner from Australia has been offering sensual, gourmet Languedoc wines that are powerful to drink or keep.

  • Prosper Maufoux...

    Buy wine in Calais and enjoy wine offers on Prosper Maufoux Burgundy Wines located in Santenay. Since 1860 in Santenay, the house Prosper Maufoux (named after a Mr. Prosper Maufoux Notary and passionate wine who created this house) is one of the big trading house in Burgundy. She knew her glory days in the years 1960-70 since this house was on the most beautiful tables of the world in England, in Holland or in the United States, years which coincide with its installation in a superb Mansion on the place of Santenay.

    At the beginning of the 2010s, the sleeping beauty was taken over by dynamic Eric Piffaut, owner of the Veuve Ambal house. Large resources were given to the service of a policy aiming to accentuate the quality of the wines offered, to develop the international notoriety and to make the house a place of welcome and discovery for its customers and visitors.

    The wines are aged in oak barrels. The origin of the wood, the heat of each barrel are in agreement with the origin of the grapes and the vintage.
    The wines of Prosper Maufoux rest between 12 to 18 months in vaulted cellars in Santenay.

  • Raimbaut Sancerre Wines

    Buy cheap wine in calais and get great offers on Raimbaut Sancerre Wines

  • Recougne Château

    It is the fourth generation of Milhade who officiates at the head of Château Recougne. Recougne is becoming almost a "Quality Label", a hyper-qualitative reference in the world of Bordeaux.

    Château Recougne's vineyard covers almost 100 hectares in Fronsac and 5 km from Pomerol. The sloping terroir consists mainly of sandy clays placed on a substrate of iron dirt.

    The wines of Recougne are Merlot majority for about 75%, then Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. Rarity to mention, a 100% Carmenère wine, pre-phylloxérique Bordeaux grape variety found in chili. This grape gives this wine a deep robe and spicy notes.

  • Domaine de la Rectorie...

    Buy at cheap price the best wines in calais like wines from Domaine de la Rectorie Roussillon Wines. In 1981, Thierry Parcé returned to the 7-hectare estate in Banyuls which he inherited with his brother Marc. He introduces weeding of vines and tilling plowing with horses and enlarges the surface of vines. He continued to bring his grapes to the cooperative wine cellar until 1984. At that date he decided to vinify his production at the estate.

    Today, the Rectorie is thirty hectares divided into thirty parcels. The plots are grouped by typicity and this internal classification makes it possible to vinify wines by large family. The assemblies are then realized.

    Yields are deliberately low from 25 to 35 hectoliters / hectare.

    This domain, which is becoming mythical, is part of the movement of the Preceptorie and Frères Parcé wines.

    The Preceptorie is run by Joseph Parcé, a cousin of Marc and Thierry, while Les Vins Parcé Frères is a commercial entity run by Marc Parcé, responsible for marketing the wines of the Preceptorie, the Rectorie and local Roussillon wines, whose characteristic is to live ancestral vini-viticultural practices.

  • Rimauresq Provence

    The 46 hectares of vineyards of Rimauresq in Côtes de Provence extend near the massif of the Maures. The morning shade of the Maures massif which bears on the vine delays the sunshine of the plots. This combined with a north-west orientation allows to keep in the grapes that hint of freshness that characterizes the wines of the estate. The other characteristic of Rimauresq which is the minerality is due to a soil of sandstone and shale.

    The Côtes de Provence are famous for their rosés, but a detour by the reds of the Rimauresq estate will make you discover full-bodied and warm red wines!

  • Domaine Romy...

    Cheap price in calais on wines from Domaine Romy Beaujolais Wines

  • Chateau du Rouët...

    Great wine deals on provence wines like Chateau du Rouët Provence Wine. The Château du Rouët produces beautiful Côtes de Provence in Rosé but also in Red and White. Matthieu Savatier the current leader of this domain is one of the craftsmen of the advent of the Fréjus appellation. The location of the current vineyard is the result of a devastating fire in 1927. In fact, this fire almost completely destroyed the forest of maritime pines which was the main source of income of the estate. Lucien Savatier then decided to protect his forest massif by creating trenches firefighters completely cleared to limit or prevent the progression of a fire. These areas were planted with vines and peaches.

  • Château La Rose...

    Buy cheap wine in calais like Château La Rose Bellevue Bordeaux Wine

  • Rubicubi Wine Box

    Buy Wine Box Rubicubi in calais

  • Château de Saint...

    Great deals on rosé wines in calais like Château de Saint Martin Povence Wine. The Château de Saint Martin is rich of a great History, it belonged formerly to Sully.
    The Château de Saint Martin, classified in Côtes de Provence, produces Rosés, Whites and also remarkable Red wines. The vineyards of the castle of Saint Martin are at an average altitude of 120 meters. The nights are cooler and it is not uncommon depending on the vintage that the grape harvests are done at night to preserve the freshness of the juices and therefore wines. the field is conducted according to the principles of a reasoned culture. In order to maintain an average age of the vine and to obtain wines always balanced in intensity and vivacity, one hectare is torn and then replanted on average per year. The old vines are mainly used for reds with the Mourvèdre and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes in addition.

  • Saransot Dupré

    Château Saransot Dupré is a Listrac Médoc Classé Cru Bourgeois Supérieur in 2003. The Raymond family has been running this castle since the end of the 19th century. It is Yves Raymond Oenologist of formation who is at the head of the castle and he benefits from the long experience of the vineyard of Listrac Médoc of his family. The vineyards of the estate extend over 15 hectares. Rare enough to be highlighted in Medoc, Merlot is the majority grape followed by Cabernet Sauvignon. A plot is planted in carménère, this pre-phylloxérique grape which gives a particular structure and pronounced spicy notes. The Raymond family also operates the Château Pérac in Listrac Médoc.

  • Domaine Sarda Malet...

    Buy cheap wines from Roussillon region in Calais like domaine Sarda Malet Roussillon Wines. Jérôme Malet from the Sarda-Malet estate represents the third generation of vine growers in this domain. It is really him, helped by his mamam Suzy who took flight to this area of ​​50 hectares located on the banks of the Tet River south of Perpignan. Although the estate has wines in the Côtes du Roussillon and Rivesaltes appellation, it is on the reds in Côtes du Roussillon that our choice was made and especially on its "Terroir Mailloles" cuvée. A great wine of great concentration (less than 20 hectoliters per hectare), a maceration lasting 30 days. The wine is then entrusted to new barrels with very fine grain. The aging in wood lasts between 14 and 16 months.Il results in an exceptional powerful and fruity wine on very melted tannins. Every vintage is a dream !!!

  • Schlumberger Alsace Wines

    Great deals on alsace wines in Calais like on the big name Schlumberger, a must have in the Alsace Wines world.

  • Château Siaurac...

    Château Siaurac Lalande-de-Pomerol Bordeaux Wine, 

    The Siaurac castle terroir is ideal for producing great wines. Artemis Investment Holding François Pinault is not mistaken since it has partnered with SCEA Baroness Guichard who holds Siaurac, Vray Croix Gay and Le Prieuré since 2014. Paul Goldsmith of Chateau Siaurac explains this decision by a fierce desire to develop the reputation and quality of Siaurac Castle. Heavy investments are planned, no doubt that these will bear fruit in the years to come because they will be associated with the technical competence of the castles teams of François Pinault (Château Latour Pauillac). Chateau Siaurac is worth to follow.

    Siaurac is 46 hectares in one piece, in the extension of the famous plateau of Pomerol.

  • Domaine Sol-Payré...

    Buy cheap and good wines in calais like Domaine Sol-Payré Roussillon Wines

  • Domaine de Tariquet...

    Buy cheap wedding wine from Gascogne region in calais from domaine de Tariquet Gascony wine Grassa Family The story of Tariquet starts at the beginning of the 20th century with the Artaud family who became a generation later the Grassa family since Hélène Artaud married Pierre Grassa. The development of the white wines of Tariquet merges with the decline in sales of Armagnac in France. early 80s. The success of these beautiful white wines is the work of Yves Grassa who has managed to take the side paths and innovate in the process of winemaking of white wines of Gascony. He also dares to plant less fashionable varieties, he associates previously unseparated grape varieties. The Tariquet style is born from a futuristic idea of ​​wine. Tariquet has become a global phenomenon, Tariquet has re-opened the doors of wine to a whole section of the population. The renewal of theCôtes de Gascogne owes much to the Grassa Family and its Tariquet.

  • Domaine Tempier Bandol...

    Buy Provence wines in calais from domaine Tempier Bandol Provence Wines. Since 1834, the life of Domaine Tempier revolves around a magnificent vineyard house from the first half of the 19th century that has retained the charm of its authenticity. The Domaine Tempier is one of the great representatives of the Bandol appellation in Provence. Its vineyard extends over 38 hectares with the particularity of spreading on very steep slopes facing south.
    The vineyard is conducted according to the principles of sustainable agriculture. Its reds are in the thunderbolt which gives to its Bandol Rouge this subtle touch of wood so characteristic.

    The base wine of the estate is already a splendor, then exceptional wines such as La Tourtine, La Migoua or Cabassaou have been given to this area in Bandol an international stature.

  • Ter Raz Château le Raz

    The family tree of the Barde family dates back to 1610 in the commune of Saint Méard de Gurcçon. The vineyard of Château Le Raz covers 70 hectares; the work in the vineyard is particularly neat which allows to limit the treatments to the bare necessities. The cellar is equipped with 2 floors and so the work is done using gravity and there is no need for lifting pumps.

    Château le Raz en Bergerac has recently innovated with the Ter'Raz range, a more versatile range of wines that are easier to enjoy under all circumstances in the IGP Périgord appellation.

  • Terres Dorées Jean...

    Jean-Paul Brun is at the head of the Domaine des Terres Dorées in Beaujolais. Consider him as one of the best winemakers in Beaujolais and even France.
    Gamay has no secret for Jean-Paul Brun. The vines are conducted according to the principles of sustainable agriculture. Jean Paul Brun knows how to take risks and lead his vineyard to perfect maturity at harvest time. It is certainly one of its manufacturing secrets. Unclog a bottle of Jean Paul Brun and you'll never look at Beaujolais wines again with the same eye.

  • Toques et Clochers Limoux

    Since 1990, four soils of Limoux are clearly identified by Sieurs d'Arques as producing Chardonnay of a personality and amazing quality.
    These 4 terroirs are: Mediterranean, Autan, Oceanic, Haute-Vallée. They are parcel selections, manual harvesting, a rigorous sorting of the grapes.

    Occursus is a red 100% Pinot Noir.

  • Château La Tonnelle...

    Buy nice Bordeaux wines in Calais like Château La Tonnelle Haut Médoc Bordeaux Wine

  • Torus by Alain Brumont

    Buy in Calais Torus by Alain Brumont Madiran and Pacherenc du Vic Bilh wines. South West Region Wines . Torus is a modern range of wines wanted by Alain Brumont. Torus is made up of juices from the young vineyards of the Montus and Bouscassé vineyards. The modernity of this range lies in the presentation but also thanks to the fruity and lighter aspect than what Alain Brumont accustomed us to. In red it is a new expression of the Tannat, the king of Madiran. With Torus you are sure to have an exceptional price / pleasure wine.

  • Chateau Tour des...

    Buy in calais cheap south west region wines Chateau Tour des Gendres Bergerac Wines Conti Family The Conti family came from their native Italy in the 1920s. The wine adventure started in 1984 when Luc Conti planted his first vines in Bergerac. Nowadays, the estate covers 55 hectares, the vineyard is certified organic. Luc Conti is the spearhead of these developments, he is very avant-garde and does not hesitate to try, test to innovate constantly. Luc Conti is truly an exciting Master Winegrower when he explains to you how he follows the maturity of his vines, his method for obtaining an elegant oaky wines. It limits the use of sulfur in its wines. Special mention to his cuvée the Glory of my Father.

  • Domaine UBY Gascony...

    Buy Gascogne wines in calais Domaine UBY Gascony Wines and Armagnacs. The domain UBY is managed by Mr Morel since the beginning of the 2000s. This domain fires all wood under the rule of François Morel and managed the tour de force in a short time to find a place in the sun in the world very competing with the world famous Côtes de Gascogne. The vineyard covers 105 hectares, the vineyard is conducted in sustainable agriculture.

    The UBY style is a lot of freshness and fruitiness in the wines, an aromatic explosion on the nose and in the mouth. The range continues to expand in bottle and BIB, a range of organic wines also exists under the name of BYO UBY and every year we expect the cuvée "Unique Collection" in which François Morel expresses the specificity of each vintage.

  • Château Vannières...

    Buy cheap provence wine in calais. Château Vannières Bandol Provence Wines Protected from the winds of the North by the Sainte Baume massif and particularly well exposed South, the 33 hectares of Château Vannières offer the best guarantees to offer an excellent Bandol.The grape variety is classic for the Bandol appellation: Mourvèdre, Grenache and Cinsault for reds and rosés, Clairette and Rolle for white. The reds are raised in casks then in barrels whereas the rosés and whites pass only in stainless tanks. Château Vannières proposes in its three colors a Bandol of very beautiful classical quality.

  • Vessieres Château...

    Château Vessières claims its roots in Costières de Nîmes, south of the Rhône valley. Château Vessière's vineyard is spread over 65 hectares of vineyards. Vincent Teulon after oenology studies and experience in California in the Napa Valley took over the torch from his father Philippe. It is in tribute to the superb work of Philippe that a Cuvée Philippe de Vessière was created. The domain is now in BIO.
    The style of Château Vessieres gives fine and elegant wines in spite of the sun load that the vines receive; Beautiful work

  • Villa Antinori Italian...

    Buy cheap Chianti in calais like wines from Villa Antinori Italian Tuscany Wines Chianti

  • Vignerons de Buxy La...

    buy in calais wines from Vignerons de Buxy La Cave de Buxy Burgundy Wines. The Cave des Vignerons de Buxy is above all winemakers of the Côte Chalonnaise who have decided to unite around a common project: vinify, raise and market their wines together. An epic that began 85 years ago in 1931 in the aftermath of the great crisis of 1929. The cellar of Mailly in champagne dates from the same period.

    In 2016, nearly 120 vintners representing 1,100 hectares perpetuate the spirit of the founding fathers. Respect of the terroir and the traditions while using the last modern techniques of vinification and breeding which are faithful to the typicality of the Mâconnais and Côtes Chalonnaises wines (Montagny, Givry, Mercurey, Rully, Mâcon ..)

  • Buzet Wines

    Buy in Calais cheap Buzet Wines from South West Region.The winemakers of Buzet have the particularity of grouping almost all the production of the vineyard of Buzet. Few castles and estates operate outside this cooperative structure. It is in 1953 that the beginnings of what has become the vine growers of Buzet is born. The union of 1973 is an important date since this year saw the birth of the AOC Buzet. The cooperative turned very early toward environmentally friendly practices. Buzet is an appellation that offers wines in Red, Rosé and White.

  • Vignerons de Carthage...

    Buy in calais wines from Vignerons de Carthage Wines from Tunisia

  • Les Vins de Vienne...

    buy in calais Les Vins de Vienne Rhone Valley Wines

  • William Fèvre Chablis...

    Buy cheap William Fèvre Chablis in calais Burgundy Wines; William Fèvre makes his first harvest in his own name in 1959, he works then on 7 hectares. In 50 years the family estate has mutated over acquisitions to become an area of ​​78 hectares. The house William Fèvre is among the largest owners in the Chablis appellation. the Fèvre house in Chablis offers a great variety of terroirs in Petit Chablis, Chablis but also Chablis 1er Cru and Chablis Grand Cru. On the 78 hectares of the estate 15.9 ha are Premier Cru divided into 8 climates out of 40 possible (Beauroy, Fourchaume, Montmains, Vaillons, Les Lys, Montée de Tonnerre, Mont de Milieu, Vaulorent) and 15.2ha are in Grand Vintage distributed in 6 climates out of 7 possible (Bougros, Les Clos, Les Preuses, Bougros "Coast Bouguerots", Valmur and Vaudésir.) But also Saint Bris the only white wine of Burgundy in sauvignon.

  • Yves Leccia Corsica Wines

    Buy wine in Calais from Corsica like Yves Leccia Corsica Wines; Since 2005, Yves Leccia has taken care of his pretty terroir of 15 hectares in AOC Patrimonio, the slopes facing south west under a micro climate influenced by the Mediterranean Sea of ​​the Gulf of St Florent.

    The vines are plowed, the use of pesticides is reduced to the strict minimum and sometimes zero. The fertilizers are of natural origin and the grape harvest of the four grape varieties Nielluccio, Vermentino, Ugni Blanc and Grenache are carried out manually at perfect maturity and in an irreproachable health condition at the end of September at the beginning of October.

    the vines are 20 years old on average contribute to the production of a large Patrimonio in 3 colors, white, red pink.

  • Whispering Angel...

    Sacha Lichinne from Château d'Esclan in Côtes de Provence created this brand originally for the Anglo-Saxon market. It is in New York and London that this beautifully made rosé has taken its first steps with the extraordinary success that we know. Voic how Château D'Esclan decided to launch it also on the French market

  • Château Marie du Fou...

    Wine from Vendée Region a Loire VAlley Wine

  • Saint Maur Provence

    St Maur Provence Wines

  • Baudry Dutour

    Baudry Dutour Loire Valley Wines

  • Dereszla Château Hongrie

    Castle Dereszla Tokaji from Hungary

  • Val Joanis Luberon

    Val Joanis Luberon Rhône Valley Wine

  • Haut Baradieu St Estèphe

    Haut Baradieu St Estèphe Bordeaux Wine

  • Château Cantemerle

    Château Cantemerle Haut Médoc Bordeaux Wine

  • Nuiton-Beaunoy

    Nuiton-Beaunoy Burgundy Wines

  • Olivier Leflaive

    Olivier Leflaive Grand Vins de Bourgogne Burgundy House Wine

  • Comte Lafond Sancerre

    Comte Lafond Sancerre by Ladoucette Earl

  • Jack Rabbit

    Jack Rabbit Californian Wines

  • Maldant Jean Luc

    Jean Luc Maldant winemaker in Burgundy in Santenay, Aloxe Corton, Chorey Les Beaune, Savigny Les Beaune and Ladoix

  • Domaine L'Aiguelière

    Domaine L'Aiguelière Languedoc Montpeyroux

  • La Pujade Château...

    Spencer La Pujade Château Corbières

  • Château La Mullonière

    Château La Mulonnière Loire Valley Wines

  • Domaine de la Mordorée

    Domaine de la Mordorée BIO Grands Vins of the Rhône Valley

  • Marrenon Vignobles en...

    Marrenon is a magnificent vineyard combining Rhône and Provence. It is impossible to evoke the wines of Ventoux and Luberon without mentioning Marrenon which combines respect for the environment and innovation.
    The richness and the great diversity of the terroirs, allows a maximum sunshine while leaving a lot of freshness with these very elegant wines. Syrah Grenache and other Vermentino express themselves perfectly.

  • Envie Me

    ENVIE ME Languedoc Wine

  • Clos des Vins d'Amour

    Clos des Vins d'Amour

  • Calmel & Joseph

    Calmel & Joseph

  • Billaud Simon Chablis

    Billaud Simon Chablis

  • Tommasi Viticoltori

    Tommasi Viticoltori Italian Wine Estate

  • Domaine de la Genillotte

    Domaine de la Genillotte Chablis Dry White Burgundy Wine

  • Famille Boroli
  • Domaine Edmond de...
  • Henri Bourgeois

    Henri Bourgeois Great Loire Valley Wines

  • Wine Inspired by Game...

    Wine Inspired by Game of Thrones. These GOT wines are a creation of the Bardet Vineyards who tried to reproduce the olfactory and taste impressions of the wines described by George R.R. Martin the author of the series of novels "Game of Thrones"

  • La Grande Sieste...

    La Grande Sieste  Languedoc

  • Figuiere Côtes de...

    Figuiere Côtes de Provence

  • Joseph MELLOT

    Joseph MELLOT wine from Loire Valley

  • Domaine de l'A by...
  • Jacques TISSOT JURA Wines

    Jacques TISSOT JURA Wines

  • Domaine des Roches Neuves

    Domaine des Roches Neuves Saumur Champigny  Red Loire Valley Wine

  • Miss Anaïs Wines from...

    Miss Anaïs Wines from Languedoc

  • Château de Chénas

    Château de Chénas Beaujolais wine

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Showing 1 - 48 of 740 items